Pregnant 14-Year-Old Girl’s Family Beats Her to Cause Abortion, Burn Her Stillborn Baby on Their Grill

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jun 3, 2015   |   12:00PM   |   Dallas, TX

In 2013, a 14-year-old girl was raped by a member of her own family and then beaten to induce abortion after they realized she was pregnant. Tragically, the beating lasted six grueling hours and the teen told police that she was a virgin when she was assaulted.

According to the Dallas Police Department, she also said she initially didn’t tell anyone about the rape because she was embarrassed. The attackers, Sharon Jones, Cecile McDonald and Lonnell McDonald are currently in police custody and their bail is set at $150,000. Prior to the beating, Sharon tried to induce abortion by first giving the girl Plan B emergency contraception, multiple does of birth control and cinnamon tablets.

However, when that didn’t work Cecilia held the girl down while Lonnell sat on the girl’s stomach, repeatedly pounced on her abdomen and kicked her multiple times. Apparently Lonnell laughed as he beat her and Cecile told the girl, “You ain’t about to get my kids taken away from me.”

Then, another member of the family, Cedric Jones, walked in on the attack and Lonnell told him “he had already been kicking the “s**t out of the b***h.” Unbelievably, Cedric agreed to dispose of the baby’s body after the miscarriage when Lonnell offered him 25$ to “take care of it.” Originally, the family tried to burn the child’s body on a charcoal grill but when that was unsuccessful, Cedric threw the remains away in a plastic bag.

Although it is currently unknown what the alleged assailants will be charged with, incidents like this highlight the importance of laws like the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which hold criminals accountable when they kill or injure unborn children in criminal attacks. Thankfully, under Texas’ 2003 Prenatal Protection Act, the protections of the entire criminal code extend to “an unborn child at every stage of gestation from fertilization until birth.” This means that prosecutors in Texas can bring murder charges against criminals when they kill an unborn child in a violent attack against their mother.

In a separate incident, in 2014, 17-year-old Ryan Matthews killed his girlfriend and her unborn baby after finding out she was pregnant. The girl, Arrjiana Hill, was only 16-years-old and news reports reveal that she was killed because Matthews didn’t want a baby to interrupt his life’s education and career. Now Matthews is being charged as an adult and could face 40 years in prison if convicted.



Additionally, in 2012, a Texas man was charged with capital murder after he killed his unborn baby by attacking his girlfriend. He was told that he could face the death penalty since Texas law provides that if a murder is committed in the course of committing another felony, it automatically becomes a capital case.

Here’s more on this horrific case:

The teenager told police she was a virgin before she was raped by a family member in August 2012 and “did not tell anyone about the sexual assault because … she was embarrassed,” according to an affidavit tendered by Dallas Police Department.

The teenage girl’s relatives found out that she was pregnant between January and March 2013 and “became very nervous and were concerned about … [Child Protective Services] removing children from the residence.”

Sharon Jones allegedly gave the girl “multiple doses of birth control pills, Plan B (emergency contraception) pills and cinnamon tablets … to abort the baby,” police said.

After the pills failed to induce an abortion, Cecila McDonald pinned the girl down while Lonnell McDonald began “repeatedly bouncing up and down” while sitting on the girl’s abdomen. He also is accused of kicking the girl repeatedly.