Bruce Jenner Wanted His Wife to Abort His Oldest Daughter, Refused to Attend Her Birth

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 3, 2015   |   11:01AM   |   Washington, DC

Former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner is the big news story this week due to his announcing that he is transgendered and now living life as a female named Caitlyn Jenner. Ironically, this same week that Jenner is getting international attention new reports are surfacing that Jenner wanted his first wife to abort their oldest daughter and refused to attend her birth.

Although most of the attention is on Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover story of his decision to start living life as a woman, the former Olympic medalist is the subject a new news report out today indicating he wanted his oldest daughter, Casey to be aborted.

Bruce Jenner was married to Chrystie Crownover in the 1970s during the height of his fame and the couple had two children together, including Casey. At the same time Jenner learned i was pregnant with Casey, the two were in the middle of an ugly divorced and Jenner reportedly told his soon-to-be ex-wife he wanted her to have an abortion.

“When I found out I was pregnant Bruce raised the issue of an abortion, and I went along with him just as I always did. I had all the tests and had even paid for the operation,” Chrystie told People magazine. “But one night I was out to dinner and my friend asked me why I wanted an abortion.”

When her friends learned about the feud over Casey, she was adamant that she didn’t want the abortion.

“I don’t want the abortion,” she said. “Bruce wants it.”

“You are having the abortion because the man that you are not going to be living with wants you to have it?” a friend reportedly asked Chrystie.

“I thought, what an idiot I am,” Chrystie said. “I wanted the child very, very much.”

Ultimately, when it came time for Casey’s birth Jenner refused to attend. But, now, Jenner is reportedly seeking to make amends and to make up for lost time with his daughter.

The London Daily Mail has more:

Bruce Jenner wanted to abort his eldest daughter and was not present for her birth.

The revelation came as the former Olympian introduced his female identity, Caitlyn, on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

The star’s daughter Casey, 34, told the publication that she did not find out her father didn’t want her until she was 13.

‘I never knew he wasn’t at my birth until I was about 13 years old and we were arguing on the phone about money,’ she told the magazine. ‘He kept saying, “You don’t know the whole story”.

‘I hung up the phone and was asking my mom what he was talking about until she confessed the history behind my birth.’



But in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair, Jenner recalls that the couple found out Chrystie was pregnant halfway through their divorce.

Jenner brought up the idea of abortion but ‘rejected it after 30 seconds’.

When Casey eventually did arrive on June 10, 1980, Jenner was in a hotel room in Kansas City, crying.

‘Under the circumstances I could not even see myself being there,’ Jenner told the mag.

In the July 1980 edition of Playboy, Jenner had admitted: ‘My first reaction was that I didn’t want it’.

Chrystie also confirmed at the time that she had considered an abortion, but only because her husband wanted one.