Father Tried to Kill His Daughter With Drain Cleaner Because She Had a Serious Illness

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jun 2, 2015   |   6:35PM   |   Boston, MA

In Massachusetts, a man who tried to kill his seriously ill seven-year-old daughter by poisoning her with Liquid-Plumr has pleaded not guilt at Northampton District Court. Currently, the extent of the child’s illness is unknown.

According to the Daily Hampshire Gazette, the father, Christopher Conley, is being held without bail on charges of assault and battery, attempted murder, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon aggravated by serious injury.

After the attempted murder, surgeons had to remove two thirds of the child’s small intestines as well as a part of her bladder. Additionally, they told police that her bowel tissue was so damaged that they suspected someone injected a corrosive fluid directly into the girl’s cecostomy tube, which is a tube that is used to flush the intestines.

The police detective on the case, Peter Fappiano III, wrote in court documents more about why Conley tried to kill his daughter. Fappiano explained that when asked about his intent, the father said, “it was to put (his daughter) out of pain and to kill (her).” He also admitted to trying to overdose her oxycodone after realizing she was in pain.

Unbelievably, in an interview with detectives Conley admitted to trying to kill his daughter twice in the last six years. In a 2009 incident, he said he removed his daughter’s central line and dipped it in fecal matter while she was hospitalized at Turfs Medical Center in Boston. In a police report, Fappiano wrote that Conley thought his actions “would end it for her.”

Now the child is in serious condition at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut and her mother, Julie Conley, has been unavailable for comment.

Here’s more:

Judge W. Michael Goggins wrote in court documents that he was ordering Conley held without right to bail because of the nature of the alleged crimes and the potential penalty he will face if convicted.



The case will likely be moved to Hampshire Superior Court because most of the charges are so serious that they are outside of a district court jurisdiction, according to court records.

The maximum sentence for attempted murder is 20 years in state prison; for assault and battery on a child with substantial injury, 15 years; and for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon aggravated by serious injury, 15 years.

Bluver asked in writing to be appointed Conley’s attorney, explaining that Conley has been coming to him for advice about the case since May 7. That’s when Conley started to worry that he was being investigated by police, because police had obtained a search warrant and searched the Conleys’ apartment, Bluver wrote.

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