Doctors Told Mom Her Baby Had a Zero Percent Chance of Survival, She’s Born Healthy

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 29, 2015   |   12:49PM   |   Washington, DC

If we had a dollar for every time LifeNews has reported about stories where doctors tell parents of an unborn baby that their child had no chance or a little chance or surviving and where that baby was born healthy, we’d be rich. Today, another amazing story of defying the odds is making the rounds of social media.

In this article at Scary Mommy blog, Meriah Nichols talks about her little girl Moxie who is now 5-years-old. But doctors told Meriah that her little girl had absolutely no chance of surviving.

Six years ago I went to the hospital for an ultrasound. I had recently suffered a second trimester miscarriage and needed to know that the Rainbow Baby that I was carrying was alive.

She was.

But with fluid separating her skin from her body – a condition called “diffuse fetal hydrops” – and with heart holes, the doctor told me that she had a zero percent chance of survival.

Let’s hold that a moment: zero percent.

He said she had a zero percent chance. He said that I should have an amniocentesis, not for her as she had no chance of surviving, but to know what was going on so that we would be prepared for a similar situation should it happen with a future pregnancy.

When given that sort of information, some parents opt for an abortion — and Meriah certainly considered it. But she ultimately refused and is glad she did.

Tell me how many other babies are aborted based on a doctor saying “zero percent.”

Everything that I want to say about her sounds wrongly quantifiable or as if I am justifying who she is, what she is about. I want to say how bright she makes our family, how her energy and light indisputably make our world a more enjoyable place to be. I want to say how smart she is, how creative, ballsy and curious. I want to say that I thank God every single day for this child, this child who I would have aborted if I had listened to what the doctors said.



Meriah’s full opinion column is a must-read and her sentiments are right on. We commend it to you in hopes that her words will help combat the abortion-first culture we live in that thinks we ought to abort babies just because we think they may possibly be less than perfect.