Man Locked Up His Wife for Three Years After She Refused Abortion

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   May 28, 2015   |   5:11PM   |   New Delhi, India

In India, a man locked up his wife and daughter inside a bathroom because he wanted to have a son. Tragically, the mother was raped repeatedly and kept away for three years before she and her 10-year-old daughter were rescued. During their time in captivity, they were given only rice and water and were never allowed outside.

According to the Daily Mail, Rameshwar Rao wanted his wife, Priyanka, to have an abortion when they discovered she was pregnant with a girl. But when she refused he started torturing her and trying to impregnate her again. Thankfully, they were discovered when the man’s father and a family friend visited their home and found them in the bathroom.

A police spokesperson said the following about the case: “They had not seen the light of day for three years. They were fed nothing but rice and were in very bad health. The son on the other hand lived a very good, normal life.”

The Times of India also reported that a policewoman on the case said, “We offered them food and it was sad to see how the girl gobbled down whatever we gave. The 10-year-old girl was looking like she was three years old.”

Unbelievably, Rao was not arrested because Priyanka refused to press charges and now the wife and daughter plan to stay in their family home.

As LifeNews previously reported, women are often abused and forced to have sex-selection abortions in India even though they are illegal. For example, in 2012, an Indian woman was nearly beaten to death by her husband and in-laws to induce a miscarriage because she was thought to be pregnant with a girl. Then, in another case, a woman was forced into six sex-selection abortions after her family discovered she was pregnant with girls. The woman, Amisha Bhatt, went to the police and worked to expose doctors who were involved in illegal sex-discrimination tests.



She said, “There may have been many such women like me. The doctors were maintaining a secret list of patients on which sex determination tests were being conducted.”

Additionally, earlier this year, the Indian Supreme Court ordered that search engines such as Google and Yahoo stop advertising for sex-selection abortions. They wrote, “India is suffering so much because of sex ratio, but still there is a state of antipathy. Despite being banned, selective abortion is taking place and it is a growing problem for this country. This must stopped.”