Abortion Tutorial Teaches Women to Throw Themselves In Front of a Car to Kill Their Baby

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   May 28, 2015   |   3:54PM   |   Santiago, Chile

In Chile, abortion is illegal but some pro-abortion activists are taking extreme measures to try and persuade their government to change abortion laws. As LifeNews previously reported, a group called Miles published “abortion tutorials” on YouTube that show women how to have dangerous “accidental abortions” in order to get around the pro-life nation’s abortion ban.

The Daily Mail called the videos “deliberately dark and disturbing” and that’s especially true of one of their ads that encourage women to jump in front of a moving car to induce an abortion. The video has a disclaimer that says, “The footage contains scenes some viewers may find upsetting” and reminds women to allow the car to hit them head on.

The director of Miles, Claudia Dides, said the following about the abortion videos: “Clandestine abortions are carried out in Chile and abortions will continue with or without politicians or a law. What we want is for abortions to be safe.”

However, a study conducted in Chile revealed that legal abortions are no safer than illegal abortions. The study, which was conducted by the MELISA Institute, found “that not only abortion-related mortality continued its decreasing trend in Chile after its prohibition by law in 1989, but also hospital discharges due to abortion have significantly decreased during the last decade.”

The director of the study, Dr. Elard Koch, said that the number of maternal deaths in the country has decreased from 41.3 to 12.7 per 100,000 since the abortion ban went into effect. Dr. Koch believes that the data “suggests that support programs directed to vulnerable women can prevent most induced abortions.” He added, “The Chilean experience represents a paradox in our times: even under a less permissive abortion legislation, maternal health indicators can be significantly improved by other factors, including a noteworthy reduction in mortality and morbidity associated to abortion.”

Additionally, Chile is considered to be a world leader in maternal health. Dr. Kock explained, “The high quality of Chilean vital statistics indicates these findings are unlikely to be the result of an artifact of the registry system. Rather, a decrease in hospital discharges due to complications from illegal abortion appears to explain virtually all the reduction in hospital discharges due to any type of abortion in Chile during the last decade. Not only are women not seeking abortions outside proper healthcare facilities, the number of women seeking abortions is declining.”



Regardless of intention, these homicidal abortion videos are absolutely unacceptable because they are encouraging women to kill their baby and nearly kill themselves in the process.

Watch the “abortion tutorial” in the video below: