Wendy Davis Claims Abortions on 7-Pound Unborn Babies Never Happen, But She’s Wrong

National   |   Rebecca Downs   |   May 27, 2015   |   12:38PM   |   Washington, DC

Wendy Davis may have suffered an embarrassing defeat in her race for governor of Texas back in November, after making embarrassing statements about her opponent, and flip-flopping, sort of, on the very issue she became known for. Fellow Democrats also embarrassingly tried to blame her loss of key Hispanic counties—which was thankfully likely from the start in a state as pro-life as Texas—on voters being “uninformed and not educated about the issues.” I think you get the point; her campaign was embarrassing.

Planned Parenthood, who very publicly and enthusiastically campaigned for Davis’ campaign, to the tune of $3 million, wants to continue to take part in that embarrassment. On May 18, Wendy Davis was the keynote speaker for the Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan’s annual fundraising luncheon. The event had been announced and hailed as far back as January!

Fortunately, pro-life groups in the state were ready and willing to protest the event.  And, an anonymous citizen journalist even made her way to Davis to ask her a tough question after the event! Breitbart obtained video footage, which provides further proof of how embarrassing Davis can be.

In response to being asked why it was acceptable to abort a seven pound baby, reminiscent of GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul asking the media to question DNC head, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz about that same thing, Davis claimed “[t]hat never happens. It never happens. It really never happens.” Oh really? And what makes her such an expert, besides filibustering in her (in)famous pink sneakers which made her an icon for the abortion movement?

Davis certainly is no expert, and despite repeating “never” over and over, she is wrong. Now, she did backtrack on her statement to say that “…the only time that late term abortions occur is when something has gone horribly wrong and either the mother’s life is in danger or the child’s life is in a very precarious situation.” Some babies are already seven pounds at that stage, however, when abortions can occur just weeks, days, or even hours before birth. So much for “never” then. As it turns out though, she’s not even right about that much!



As Sarah Terzo has reported women do not have late-term abortions for the reasons mentioned above. A study of second-trimester abortions from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute did not find even one instance of a late-term abortion performed for health reasons. Further, almost one-third of women who abort so late will do so a second time.

The Guttmacher Institute also reported that 1.2 percent of abortions for 2010 were after 21 weeks. That’s 18,000, or 50 a day. That may not seem like a lot, but let’s remember that we’re talking about the brutal death of human beings, who not only feel pain, but who may actually feel pain worse than you or I. And 18,000 is certainly not “never.”

This is a new low for the abortion movement, though it perhaps should not be surprising. Advocates of late-term abortion used to merely bring up the “hard-cases” to gin up support for this brutal procedure. Now though, they’re claiming it doesn’t even happen.

As usual, Wendy Davis is wrong. She’s not only wrong though, but she is deceptive and a liar. Her gubernatorial loss likely reflects that. But, if Davis is such a champion for “women’s rights,” shouldn’t she at least be able to speak honestly and accurately about the issue she’s fighting for? The answer is no. Unfortunately, that’s too much to ask of the abortion movement. It tends to rely on euphemisms, misconceptions, and flat out deception and lies. In that case then, Davis certainly represents the abortion ideology, in just about every way. While she may have had a losing career in politics in this one, perhaps she can be the leader of the universe the rest of her ilk hopes to live in.