This Pregnancy Center Plans to Open Ten Feet Away From an Abortion Clinic

State   |   Susan Michelle   |   May 27, 2015   |   10:16AM   |   Columbus, GA

(LiveActionNews) — They call it “hope in the heart of hell.” Seneca Choices for Life in Columbus, GA, is a pregnancy resource center (PRC) not even a year old, but its quest is to move in next door to the Columbus Women’s Health Organization. Only 10 feet would separate death and life, and Seneca says that’s really the choice.

Responding to current pressures to be “neutral” in its approach as a PRC serving pregnant women, the center is not backing down: “Seneca believes it is time that a pregnancy resource center boldly presents itself to the community as a pro-life option that wants to rid the community of the intolerance of abortion.”

Ten feet away from Seneca’s proposed new location is an active abortion facility owned by Diane Derzis, an infamous abortionist, who said God wants her to provide abortion.

Derzis, most notable for running the now-closed All Women New Woman abortion facility in Birmingham, AL, and the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi, has a thriving business in Columbus, GA. And Seneca Choices for Life is ready to challenge that.

The strategy to counter abortion, the center notes, is to be as boldly pro-life as the abortion clinics are pro-abortion:

“How can we expect to foster a pro-life culture if we hide our beliefs in the shadows? Abortion clinics have flourished by boldly and unapologetically declaring their stance. As a result clinics like Planned Parenthood have become a mainstream part of our culture; being invited into our government’s budget, school systems and communities. Pro-life options have been bullied into a corner where their life affirming options are patronized under a label of intolerance.”

Seneca is raising funds to move in next door to the abortion clinic, offering women a chance to choose life: “Women are not going to stroll into our clinic because we are vague about the services we offer; the women who are going to walk into Seneca are those women who are desperately searching for a light in the mist of darkness; searching for love in the mist of intolerance.”



The fact is, a woman in crisis wants answers. Abortion clinics make a promise that the “problem” can go away. But Seneca says it can, too. With support for the woman and baby—for up to two years after birth—Seneca promises a woman a solution, not a problem.

“Hope in the heart of hell” is what Seneca Choices for Life is offering, and the women who will walk 10 feet across the way and find hope and healing will agree.

If you want to know more about Seneca or have questions, you may contact them in the following ways: email: [email protected]; website at;  phone:  call (706) 593-2460, or Facebook:


LifeNews Note:  Susan Michelle Tyrrell writes for Live Action News.