65-Year-Old Mother of 13 Children Gives Birth to Quadruplets

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 25, 2015   |   2:31PM   |   Berlin, Germany

In Germany, a 65-year-old woman who already has 13 children has given birth to quadruplets. Annegret Raunigk conceived after several attempts with artificial insemination over the last year-and-a-half. Raunigk decided she wanted more children when her youngest daughter told her she wanted a little brother or sister.

Raunigk’s pregnancy had been without any major complications but doctors had to deliver the babies by an emergency Cesarian section at 26 weeks. Raunigk, gave birth to a girl – Neeta – and three boys – Dries, Bence and Fjonn in a Berlin hospital. The newborns weighed between 655 grams (1 lb., 7 ounces) and 960 grams (2 lbs., 2 ounces) each.

Raunigk explained her initial reaction to discovering that she was carrying quadruplets.

She said, “Certainly that was a shock for me. After the doctor discovered there were four, I had to give it some thought to begin with. On the scan it was just clear to see.” Thankfully, Raunigk has not considered selective reduction, which is the practice of aborting babies to “save” others and is common when couples use fertility drugs.

As LifeNews previously reported, this is because to increase success rates, IVF practitioners implant more than one embryo in the woman’s uterus in hopes that at least one will take. Then when more embryos than are desired implant, doctors “reduce” the pregnancy down to the desired number. Additionally, carrying more than two babies can cause serious health complications and many doctors feel uncomfortable handling high-risk pregnancies.



Raunigk is not afraid for her health or the health of her children. She concluded, “I’m not actually afraid. I simply assume I’ll remain healthy and fit.”

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