Jamaica Doesn’t Need Abortion on Demand, Unborn Babies are Worthy of Protection

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 22, 2015   |   7:08AM   |   Kingston, Jamaica

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper:

I write in response to Jaevion Nelson’s ‘Take Your Nose Out of Women’s Womb’, published in this newspaper yesterday.

It occurs to me that Mr Nelson has aborted his sense of the sanctity of life by calling for abortion-on-demand and trivialising the value which those who oppose the same place on human existence.

It is noteworthy that instead of outlining the terminal circumstances that might warrant an abortion, Mr Nelson has delineated how conveniently available abortions should be, proposing established centres and licensed doctors to snuff out the undesired unborn.

If we are to set a precedent of allowing abortion-on-demand, then the ricochet effect will eventually be that of a society that undermines the image of God, the Originator of all life.

As one who possesses life and knows the value thereof, Mr Nelson should be ashamed of himself, as should all those who corroborate his views.

Call it archaic morals, if you may, Mr Nelson, but we do not esteem the life of the unborn simply because he or she (versus it) could have been the next Barack Obama, Portia Simpson Miller, or Mark Zuckerberg, but because it is none of our business to terminate life at our whim and fancy.

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Whereas we cannot force the issue on individuals, we must take a position of respecting the lives of unborn children, not allowing women, whether in conjunction with their male counterparts or not, to treat the gift of life with such disdain.

So, Mr Nelson, abort the thought of abortion-on-demand and give birth to a sustainable programme of empowering women and men to become more responsible in their sexual activities, thus avoiding the need to consider an abortion. I look forward to seeing your delivery of such in the ‘fraternity ward’ on the issue of abortion.

Jermaine F. Johnson