Washington Post Says the Best States for Women are Ones With Most Abortion Clinics

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   May 20, 2015   |   9:47PM   |   Washington, DC

Apparently the states that have the most abortion facilities are the best places for women in the U.S. On May 20th, the Washington Post published a story that revealed that Oregon is the best state for women’s “reproductive rights” and that state’s with the most abortion facilities include California, Nevada, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Author Niraj Chokshi explained, “Oregon scored higher than any other in terms of reproductive rights, though it, six other states and the District of Columbia earned A-minuses. Ten states earned Bs, 20 earned Cs, 9 received Ds and four — South Dakota, which ranked last, Nebraska, Kansas and Idaho — flunked on IWPR’s scorecard.” He added, “Reproductive rights advanced since 2004 in some ways and retreated in others. Generally, access to infertility treatments has broadened, as has access to abortion providers. (Just barely, though: the share of women living in a county with at least one abortion provider grew in 24 states, but shrank in 22.)”

Although the Washington Post puts abortion facilities on a pedestal, it’s important to note that many have closed down over the last few years because they were unable to meet their state’s safety requirements.

In fact, Troy Newman, the director of Operation Rescue, explained that clinic closures are outpacing openings. He said, “As new states laws add safety standards for surgical abortions, we are seeing the beginnings of a new trend. Abortion providers who cannot or will not comply with the higher standards have, in some cases, dropped surgical abortions in favor of medical abortions so they did not have to become licensed. This allows incompetent abortionists to continue exploiting women for money while evading the need to increase patient safety.”

As LifeNews previously reported, 73 abortion facilities shut down in 2014 for all or part of the year. Currently, there are 739 abortion clinics in the country, and of those 551 are surgical abortion facilities and 188 are medication-only abortion centers. This is remarkable because in 1991 there were 2,176 surgical abortion facilities, which means that 75% of these have closed down.

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Newman added, “No matter how one views the numbers, they show that we are winning. As the truth about abortion abuses and other dangers become public and are followed by new laws that increase protections for women and their babies, we can only expect the decline of the abortion cartel to continue until it collapses altogether.”

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