Nurse Who Poisoned 21 Patients and Killed Two Says “There’s a Devil in Me”

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   May 20, 2015   |   1:45PM   |   London, England

In England, a nurse has been sentenced to life in prison after poisoning 21 patients with insulin at a British hospital. The incident came to light when police were called to investigate a sudden increase of sickness at Stepping Hill Hospital. Family members of the victims attended the hearing and were present when the judge read his sentence.

According to ABC News, in January 2012, Victorino Chua was found guilty of two counts of murder, one count of grievous bodily harm and 22 counts of attempted murder. Tragically, two of his victims died and one was left with severe brain damage. Chua said he was “an angel turned into an evil person” and even admitted that “there’s a devil in me”. However, Chua received no sympathy from his judge at Manchester Crown Court, Peter Openshaw.

Judge Openshaw said, “What he did was inexplicable and irrational. It is a striking, sinister and truly wicked feature of the case, he did not personally administer contaminated products directly to most of these patients. But having left saline bags contaminated with insulin he did not know which nurse would unwittingly collect them and still less to which patient the nurse would then unwittingly administer the poison. It is as if he left it to fate to decide who would be the victim.”

He added, “He has committed a dreadful crime and he must now pay the price.” The detectives involved in the case said Chua showed no remorse for the pain he inflicted and they described him as a narcissistic psychopath.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a caretaker has gone on a killing spree.

As LifeNews previously reported, a German male nurse known as Niels H. said that he killed at least 30 patients between 2003 and 2005 because he was bored. Niels was supposed to be an emergency rescue nurse but injected seriously ill patients with doses of dangerous medicine at two clinics. The medicine could cause the heart to function irregularly and blood pressure to drop; and according to prosecutors, if Niels H. succeeded in reviving a patient, he would sometimes try to medicate them again for a second attempt. Unbelievably, prosecutors believe he could have killed up to 100 patients during his time of employment.

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Then, earlier this year, a nurse admitted to killing six elderly patients because she wanted to “lighten her workload”. The woman, Vera Maresova, killed her victims over a four-year-period and said she killed them with massive doses of potassium. The drug caused the patients’ hearts to fail and eventually took their life.

A police spokesperson said the following about Maresova’s victims: “All of her victims were elderly and needed intensive treatment. The woman who was supposed to care for them but instead killed them because she wanted to make life easier for herself.”