Stillborn Baby Was About to be Placed in Her Coffin When She Miraculously Came Back to Life

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   May 19, 2015   |   5:35PM   |   New Delhi, India

Miraculously, in India a baby who was stillborn came back to life during a bathing ritual right before her final rights. The baby was delivered at a nursing home and her parents, Farid and Fatehma Mollah, were given a death certificate.

According to The Lancet, a British Medical Journal, India has more stillbirths than any country in the world. In fact, 66% of stillbirths worldwide occur in India and statistics show that 20 to 66 babies per 1,000 are born still. One author of the journal, J. Frederick, said, “Typical complications of pregnancy, hypertension diabetes are still killing a lot of babies in low-income countries. Infections like malaria and syphilis still affecting many babies world over-third group.”

Dr Gupte, a past president of the Federation Of Gynecological Societies of India, explained that some stillbirths can be prevented. He said, “While there are many known causes of stillbirths, it can happen suddenly despite all care being taken, especially in case of elderly pregnant women. Initial research has shown that some subtle signs can be a precursor to a stillbirth. Fortunately, all these factors like the mother being too old or young, being too skinny or overweight, being in contact with biofuel emissions, can be addressed.”

Farid told The Times of India more about his daughter’s stillbirth and resurrection.

He said, “Both I and my wife were shattered. Around 5 p.m., the authorities asked me to sign on a blank paper and handed me the death certificate, telling me to show it on the way if anyone questioned why we were carrying a child’s body. We brought the baby home on a cycle van and began the rituals after which she was to be put in a coffin and taken for the funeral.

With my wife still admitted in the nursing home, my sister-in-law Saira Mollah performed the ritual of bathing the ‘body’. She unwrapped the plastic sheet the nursing home gave, took out the ‘body’ and began bathing ‘it’. Just then we were overjoyed to know that our baby girl was actually alive when she cried out. We quickly dried her and wrapped her in a quilt and put a cap on her head to prevent her from catching cold.”

Then Farid rushed the child to Dakshin Barasat, the nursing home where she was born, to receive treatment. At the home, doctors established that the baby was extremely underweight. Dr. Mahitosh Mondal said, “The baby was in her mother’s womb for only 28 weeks. Though she is stable and has normal heart beat, how far she can overcome and gain normal weight is a big question especially given the medical infrastructure in our state.”

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Although the little girl has a long road ahead of her, Farid and Fatehma are hopeful about their daughter’s future.

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