Wealthy Planned Parenthood Activists Push Abortion in Pro-Life African Nations

International   |   Obianuju Ekeocha   |   May 18, 2015   |   4:04PM   |   Africa

As International Planned Parenthood Federation (and other like-minded groups) continues to mount coordinated pressure on African nations for legal and “safe” abortion for women, we see them pouring astronomical amounts of money to grease corrupt palms, confuse undecided minds and harden unsuspecting hearts towards the unborn in various African countries.

This is most unfortunate because throughout our Continent, there is a unanimous celebration of human life from the womb, there is a great recognition of motherhood and a love for family life. This  the African civilization of love.

But all of this is under severe attack by the well-paid proponents of Abortion who have flown into Africa on the wings of wealthy, western pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes and Ipas.

In their own words, “African women should have the choice and access to legal and safe abortion”.

They speak with the unmistakable force and arrogance of 21st century imperialists as if legal automatically implies safety.

In many parts of Africa where these organisations have spread their tentacles, they remain unchallenged and unquestioned.
But today we ask them on behalf of millions of African people : does Legal mean “Safe” ?

Of course not.
Many thanks to the Freedom of Information Act in most western countries, we know for a fact that even in abortion facilities in the most developed countries like America, there are many reports of serious to life-threatening incidents like perforation of the uterus, severe bleeding and fatal infections directly resulting from their “legal and supposedly safe” abortions.

One of the short audio clips posted , we can clearly hear a 911 emergency call made from a Planned Parenthood abortion business facility in Texas , USA. This is what a botched abortion sounds like. This is what a botched “legal” abortion sounds like… Perforation of the uterus which can (and has) lead to the needless deaths of young women who bought the lie of abortion.

Bear in mind that this kind of medical emergency following botched abortions is not rare. And bear in mind that this is happening in the United States of America.

At least their abortionists can fall back on 911 when they hurt women during abortions. The question is if this was happening in an African country, who will the abortionists call?

How many cases of uterus perforation will we have daily ?

How many cases of severe bleeding will happen daily?

How many deadly post-abortion infections will be recorded?

How many cases of dangerous incomplete misoprostol abortions will we have?

How many abortionists will grossly neglect the safety of women?

Remember, if they do not care about your baby, then they will not care for your body.
Dear International Planned Parenthood Federation , none of our African nations can afford to embrace or espouse your lie and fallacy of “Legal & Safe Abortion”.

We want to continue celebrating and respecting human life from conception,women’s lives, motherhood, fatherhood and family life.Africa desires to remain Pro-Life and we understand that contrary to what you are saying to our leaders,  Legal ≠ Safe !
LifeNews Note: Obianuju Ekeocha writes for Culture of Life Africa.