Catholic Bishop Likens Western Abortion Culture to Aztec Human Sacrifice

Opinion   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   May 18, 2015   |   3:42PM   |   Glasgow, Scotland

According to the Catholic Herald, Bishop Mark Davies of England said that the disregard for human life in the western world is similar to the Aztec’s practice of human sacrifice. Keith Riler, a writer for the American Thinker, described the Aztec’s inhumane rituals like this: “In sacrifices to their water gods, the Aztecs decapitated, bludgeoned, flayed, starved, burned and extracted the hearts of up to one-in-five of their children.”

Bishop Davis explained that just like the Aztecs the western world believes some human lives can be discarded, such as the lives of the unborn and elderly. He said, “We cannot regard any human life as inferior to our own whether we meet them in the helpless refugee, the unborn child or the abandoned elderly person.”

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His comments were made in the presence of the relic image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which had been brought to the cathedral the previous day as part of a national tour of Catholic churches and shrines.

“Today we welcome on pilgrimage this replica image of the Virgin of Guadalupe so revered across the Americas. We glimpse Our Lady anew … in the way she appeared amid a dying civilisation, the Aztec world, which had become a culture of death which saw the well-being of society as being sustained by the cruelty of human sacrifice on a vast scale.

“We can see a resemblance with the declining civilisation of the western world which in similar ways sacrifices and discards the lives of millions of human beings in abortion; in embryo experimentation and fertility treatments; and now threatens the lives of those who pose the greatest financial burden – the sick and the aged in assisted suicides and euthanasia.”
Bishop Davies said that in appearing to St Juan Diego on 9 December 1531 the Blessed Virgin Mary demonstrated solidarity with the oppressed native population.

“Mary chose literally to be seen not only with but also as one of these discarded people,” he said. “We note that Mary always appears in history beside the little ones, the poorest and most vulnerable. This image reminds us where we should always expect to find her. It was with the help of this image and its rich language of image and symbol that indigenous peoples came to welcome the Gospel,” he continued.”

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As LifeNews previously reported, in 2011 Bishop Davis expressed his outrageous about a report that revealed that elderly patients in British hospitals were being denied basic medical care. He made his remarks at an annual meeting of the Society of St Vincent de Paul. He said,  “The neglect of the elderly on National Health Service hospital wards may be a symptom of the ‘culture of death’ that has grown out the loss of respect for human life following decades of abortion and destructive experimentation on human embryos.”

He added, “ Management and nursing practice have been questioned but surely we have need today to ask more searching questions of ourselves in a country where millions of lives have been destroyed in abortion, where human life is routinely experimented upon and discarded and when today pressure grows for what is called “mercy killing” to end the lives of the terminally ill and the aged. So as a society we have need to ask: are we losing that respect and reverence for what Blessed John Paul II called, “the sacred value of human life … the incomparable value of every human person”. (Evangelium Vitae no.2) on which the very ideal of the hospital and the caring professions are founded?”