Teenager Was “Dead” for 20 Minutes and Says He Saw Jesus Before He Was Revived

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   May 15, 2015   |   1:45PM   |   Austin, TX

In Texas, Zack Clements collapsed while participating in P.E. class at Victory Life Academy. Clements is 17-years-old and was considered a strong and healthy athlete at the school. According to CBS Dallas, after his collapse Clements was rushed to a hospital where doctors tried to revive him. Unfortunately, doctors couldn’t find a heartbeat for twenty minutes and were preparing to pronounce him dead.



However, suddenly his pulse returned and he was airlifted to Cook Children’s Hospital where he was checked into the intensive care unit. Then, a few days later, he woke up and had an amazing story to tell him family. He said that while he was “dead” he saw Jesus.

He explained, “When I was out those 20 minutes, I saw a man who had long ruffled hair and kind of a thick beard, and it didn’t take me long to realize that that was Jesus.” He added, “I went up to him and he put his hand on my shoulder and he told me everything would be alright and not to worry.”

Now his parents, Billy and Teresa Clements, believe their son’s survival is a miracle. Billy said, “For him to wake up and tell us something he experienced like that. It’s just you can’t explain it. It’s not humanly possible to explain it.” His mother added, “I’m just glad he decided to let me have my baby back.”

Learn more about Zack’s remarkable encounter with Jesus in the video below.