Planned Parenthood Drops Pro-Choice Lawmaker Backing Woman Whose Baby Was Cut From Her Womb

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 15, 2015   |   11:12AM   |   Washington, DC

In Colorado, the Planned Parenthood abortion business apparently believes abortion is the only choice for pregnant women.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, the affiliate of the nation’s largest abortion business, recently argued that Republican Colorado state Sen. Ellen Roberts is not “pro-choice” because she supported and sponsored the Unborn Victims of Violence bill (SB 268) to provide justice for pregnant moms and their unborn babies who are killed in acts of violence. Democrats ultimately killed the bill with Planned Parenthood lobbying against it.

The bill came as a response to the killing of baby Aurora, who was cut out of Michelle Wilkins womb by a woman who assaulted and attacked Michelle in her home. Criminals in Colorado, unlike most other states, can’t be charged with a second crime for killing or injuring unborn babies.

During the debate on the bill Senator Roberts, who takes a position supporting abortion, summed up the debate and the need for the bill: “It’s about the acknowledgment that there were two victims of a crime. “The bottom line is, admitting that a fetus could be person in certain circumstances .. does not undermine abortion rights.”

But for Planned Parenthood, protecting abortion is more important than providing justice for pregnant women and unborn children and PPRM dropped Senator Roberts from its list of candidates for endorsement.

Cathy Alderman, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, told the Durango Herald the following about Sen. Roberts: “You cannot support fetal personhood measures and be pro-choice. Despite what the proponents claimed, when you define ‘person’ prior to birth, you have created fetal personhood. Just saying it’s not personhood doesn’t change that.”

She added, “We no longer believe her to be moderate, and we no longer consider her an ally on women’s health issues. Frankly, we are disappointed by it, but she may feel that is what she needs to do if she is going to go for a statewide race.”

The pro-life group Colorado Citizens for Life responded to the shocking decision by Planned Parenthood to revoke its support for Roberts over her support for Michelle Wilkins, baby Aurora and other pregnant women and their unborn children who are victims of violent crimes.



The group said: “The decision by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains to withdraw it’s support from Sen. Ellen Roberts, who supports legal abortion, proves that the only choice Planned Parenthood supports is abortion.

Senator Roberts maintains a “pro-choice” position on abortion, but because she dared support justice for pregnant women and their unborn babies, this pro-abortion group no longer supports her. It’s the ultimate irony: Women make a choice to keep their baby and have their choice robbed from them by violent attackers who kill their baby and ”pro-choice” Planned Parenthood withdraws its support from people who respect that. Senator Roberts supported that choice by backing justice for unborn babies like Baby Aurora and their mothers like Michelle Wilkins. But the only choice Planned Parenthood seems to think is okay is abortion.”