Stepfather Rapes, Impregnates His 10-Year-Old Daughter, Pro-Life Law Protects Baby From Abortion

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   May 7, 2015   |   12:26PM   |   Asunción, Paraguay

In the pro-life nation of  Paraguay in South America, a 10-year-old girl was violently raped and became pregnant by her stepfather. After the incident, her mother was arrested for helping her partner, Gilberto Benitez Zarate, escape.

A child protection officer from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said the following about sexual abuse in South America: “In Paraguay, every day two girls between the ages of 10 and 14 give birth. These cases are a consequence of sexual abuse, and in most situations, repeated sexual abuse from which the victims have not received timely, appropriate protection.”

The officer added, “Adolescent girls are not receiving adequate attention. This is our concern and we hope that in light of this case effective measures will be taken to protect them from intra-family violence.”

Now the child is in being treated at a hospital but pro-abortion activists are livid that the girl can’t get an abortion.

In Paraguay, the mother’s request to abort the child was denied because abortion is only legal when the mother’s life is in danger. The Health Minister of Paraguay, Dr. Antonio Barrios, said that abortion was out of the question since he girl is in her 23rd week of pregnancy. He said, “If there needed to be an abortion, it had to be before the 20th week.”

According to ABC News, the ten-year-old will be give birth via Caesarean section to prevent complications. The director of the hospital said that 14 girls between the ages of nine and 15 gave birth at the hospital last year and “they all came out fine.”

Pro-abortion writer, Jessica Valenti argued that it’s inhumane to force a ten-year-old child to go through childbirth. She wrote, “Childbirth is a risky enterprise for a healthy grown woman – a woman of reproductive age in Paraguay for example, has a one in 310 chance of dying from complications from labor. For a child, the risks are exponentially worse.”



However, abortion is not safer than childbirth. In fact, during the first year following a late abortion (after 12 weeks) a woman has over three times the risk of death compared to giving birth. Additionally, this doesn’t take into account the psychological danger of abortion. A study in The British Medical Journal reveals that girls who’ve had one or abortion abortions re ten times more likely to commit suicide than those who never aborted.

Of course, pregnancy is not meant to happen to 10-year-olds but neither is abortion. The truth is abortion will only traumatize the girl further and add another tragedy on top of an already horrific situation.