Jeb Bush Adviser Says He Supports Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   May 4, 2015   |   10:22AM   |   Washington, DC

At the Faith and Freedom Summit in Iowa, prominent Christian attorney and advisor to Jeb Bush, Jordan Sekulow, said that Bush wants to defund Planned Parenthood. He said, “We have got to defund Planned Parenthood, by the way, and Gov. Bush supports those efforts.”

Of course, after the event MSNBC’s website posted a story headlined: “Bush rejects family tradition, opposes Planned Parenthood.” They argued that Bush isn’t following in the footsteps of his father, George H.W. Bush who supported the organization. However, during his time as Vice President under President Reagan, his position on abortion changed and he became pro-life. Also, as NewsMax notes, George W. Bush is known as the most pro-life president in U.S. history.

In December 2014, Jeb Bush said he was forming an exploratory committee to examine a potential Republican presidential bid in 2016, which thrilled some pro-lifers because of his stellar pro-life record. During Bush’s time as governor of Florida, he signed a measure requiring abortion practitioners to tell the parents of a teenager girl when their daughter is considering an abortion.



Then, a few days later, he signed a bill regulating abortion facilities. He said he did so “gladly, with pride and conviction” because he wanted “to create a culture of life in our state.” Bush indicated the legislation was necessary because abortion facilities are exempt from regulations that cover physician offices, hospitals and other surgical centers. He said, “This is a simple bill that says women are deserving of the same quality care when they go to a doctor’s office or a hospital or, sadly, to an abortion clinic.”

Additionally, as LifeNews previously reported, Bush recently said he has no regrets on how he handled Terri Schiavo’s case when he was the Governor of Florida. At an event hosted by Saint Anselm College’s Institute of Politics, Bush said, “I don’t think I would have changed anything. I stayed within the constitutional responsibilities or authority that I had. We changed the law first, and a year later it was ruled unconstitutional. Then basically, we didn’t have the ability to do anything. The federal government tried to intervene, and that was also ruled unconstitutional. So she starved to death.”

He concluded, “I feel sad. It was one of the most difficult things I had to go through. It broke my heart that we weren’t successful at sustaining this person’s life, so she could be loved by her mom and dad.”