Woman in Her 20s Wants to be Sterilized: Having a Baby Would be My Worst Nightmare

Opinion   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   May 1, 2015   |   6:07PM   |   London, England

Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with not wanting children, it’s a bit alarming when a person says that having a baby would be their worst nightmare. Women work through many emotions when they become pregnant: some are thrilled that they are pregnant, while others worry about their finances, health and how a new baby will change their family.

While, for the most part, these concerns are normal, one woman’s perspective in the United Kingdom is very disconcerting.

Holly Brockwell penned an article in the Daily Mail explaining her frustration with the National Health Service for refusing to grant her wish to become sterile.   She explained, “…I’ve never wanted children and firmly believe I never will, the clear solution to me is sterilization, which these days is a relatively quick procedure under local anesthetic. That recent trip to my GP is not the first time I’ve asked. In fact, I’ve made the request to be sterilized every year since I was 26 — I’m now 29 — and have been refused every time. I can’t even get a referral. The response is always: ‘You’re far too young to take such a drastic decision.’”

She continues, “I am single at the moment and I stay on the Pill even when I’m not seeing anyone because coming on and off the Pill messes with your body to an alarming degree. I’ve looked at every other kind of contraception in detail, over and over again. I don’t want the side effects of unnecessary hormones. I don’t want a painfully inserted coil sitting in my womb for years. I don’t want to rely on risky condoms and end up needing an abortion. I just want to know I’m permanently safe from my worst nightmare: getting pregnant.”

Then Brockwell takes her comments a step further by explaining she doesn’t want children because she’s seen the burden children can be on families.

She said, “It also doesn’t help that I’ve seen the reality of life with children. I was at home when my little brother and sister were young and I’ve seen how much drudgery was involved: non-stop cooking, washing and cleaning. For some, that work is completely worth it, and I have nothing but respect for people who slave away day and night to give their children a good life. But if you’ve got no innate desire to raise children, it’s not worth the sacrifice. Nonetheless, parents continually try to persuade me to join the club. ‘My kids are my life!’ they say… and I shudder. I want my own life. I want a career, money, time and energy. I want to be Holly, not Mummy. I want to be able to travel and say ‘yes’ to opportunities without worrying about school catchment areas or baby-sitters.”

This kind of ideology is widely supported among pro-abortion activists.

In fact, as LifeNews previously reported, one abortion activist argued that abortion is okay because some women just don’t want to be pregnant.

In 2013, Jessica Valenti wrote: “I’ve written about ending my wanted pregnancy and the turmoil I faced with the decision, but I’ve never before spoken publicly about my first abortion – not because I was ashamed, but because it truly didn’t have that tremendous of an impact on my life. If anything, being able to have that abortion made my life better: I was able to publish my first book, meet my now-husband, cultivate the life that I’m living and build the family that I love.

Maybe you think that’s callous. But the truth is that, despite the abortion stories that often dominate the public pro-choice narrative – the wanted pregnancies that must end because of health concerns or severe fetal abnormalities – most people who end their pregnancies do it for the same reason I did that first time in my 20s: Some women just don’t want to be pregnant – and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

These days, abortion supporters promote abortion for any and all reasons; and refuse to acknowledge that babies shouldn’t be killed simply because a woman doesn’t want to be pregnant. Like Brockwell, they see children as a gift only when their wanted and born under perfect circumstances. This is why pro-lifers must continue to expose this lie and encourage our society to embrace all children, born and unborn.