Mothers of Very Premature Babies Speak Up Against Abortion: Are They Babies or Tissue Blobs?

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 1, 2015   |   10:33AM   |   Washington, DC

A group of mothers of very premature babies are speaking up online at Facebook against abortion. While abortion advocates dismiss unborn children int he womb as clumps of cells or tissue blobs, the photos of these premature babies make it very clear that unborn children in the womb can be considered nothing other than living human beings worth of legal protection.

“Born as young as 19 and 24 weeks, these beautiful pictures of babies were shared with a pro-life group by mothers shocked about legal abortion,” the pro-life group Life Dynamics said in highlighting the babies. The group said the posts on Facebook came in response to Live Action investigations of abortion clinics where abortion clinic staff would mislead a woman posing as someone considering an abortion by playing down the humanity of her unborn baby.

Here are the posts:

24 weeker Screen-shot-2015-04-30-at-11.01.30-AM

19 weeks Screen-shot-2015-04-30-at-11.03.35-AM


The picture of the baby born at 19 weeks is particularly poignant. Aborting this baby is perfectly legal in the United States and in nations like Canada and the United Kingdom.


Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics has stated that the pro-choice mindset is comparable to a mental illness.

There is something wrong with people who will look you right in the face and say, I know it’s a baby- we all know that,” he said.

When you are an adult human being and you are able to say, yes, this is the taking of the life of an innocent child – totally helpless- cannot defend themselves- has done nothing- but I’m okay with it. There’s something mentally wrong with you. You have a mental illness,” Crutcher once told his Life Talk TV viewers.

As the pro-life group concludes: “Thankfully, the stories of children who survive at younger and younger ages is testimony to the absolute humanity of the unborn child at all stages of pregnancy.”