Six Pro-Life Student Groups Were Censored or Had Their Displays Vandalized in April

National   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Apr 29, 2015   |   12:31PM   |   Washington, DC

Every April it gets crazy at Students for Life of America. Without fail, a school will censor one (or more) of Students for Life groups in some way or vandals will strike a pro-life display or some other kind of controversy will happen that draws a lot of media attention and dominates headlines.

This April alone, SFLA’s attorneys at the Thomas More Society have filed two demand letters to high schools in Fargo, ND and Hampton, IA, demanding that the school administrations allow Students for Life clubs to be formed at those high schools, which have been unconstitutionally and illegally denied up to this point.

Also, vandals at Clarion University in PA tore up crosses, threw them in the trash and wrote demeaning messages on others at the Students for Life group’s Cemetery of the Innocents display. In New Jersey, the Student for Life group’s “Choose Life” banner at TCNJ was taken down and stomped on. Despite having previous approval from their administration, university officials at the University of Southern California torn down the Student for Life’s pro-life posters. And at Johns Hopkins University, pro-abortion feminist protestors are threatening to vandalize or block a local pro-life groups rubber fetal model display at their spring fair.

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In April of last year, the University of Miami-OH’s Graduation Cap display was vandalized – twice. The display sets up graduation caps to show how many people aren’t there and graduating because they were aborted. Vandals at first called the pro-life students sexist and told them they were just there to make women who feel guilty about their abortions, even taking their complaints to the university president.  Then the next day they actually ripped up several of the caps and threw them on the ground. A week earlier at the University of Washington, an administration-approved Cemetery of the Innocents display was torn out of the ground and thrown in the trash by pro-abortion vandals.

In April 2013, SFLA helped Johns Hopkins University Voice for Life with legal resources and apologetic tools when they were denied official school recognition from their student government. JHU VFL’s proposed activities were called “harassment” and a violation of school code. The students were also compared to white supremacists and accused of engaging in hate speech.

Also in April 2013, SFLA brought national attention to the University at Buffalo Students for Life when they were compared to a lynch mob by professors, and where one professor was arrested after “she launched a profanity-laced tirade” at pro-life students.

For an “art project”, vandals draped condoms on crosses in April 2012 at Western Kentucky University at their Cemetery of the Innocents display. That case received national press as well. Earlier that month, another pro-life display was torn down at Northern Kentucky University. The display consisted of baby clothes hanging on a line, with a red “X” taped onto every fourth outfit to symbolize that every fourth baby is killed by abortion. The display was accompanied by a sign explaining this, and included a citation to the Guttmacher Institute. The display was torn down twice within two days of being up and then later the same week, four young men showed up in the middle of the night and proceeded to cut down the clothesline and throw the onesies – which are to be donated to needy children in the area – into the trash.


Every single one of these pro-life displays were approved by the school administrations yet pro-abortion vandals opted not to have a civil discussion with the pro-life groups but rather to illegally desecrate the displays and demonstrate intolerance.

Why every April? My current theory is that the weather gets nice and to combat cabin fever, the pro-abortion vandals have to take out their aggression on pro-lifers. In addition, many just want to get in one last jab at the pro-life students who have been “annoying” them all year talking about the one thing no one wants to speak about: abortion.

Whatever the case, don’t let they intolerant pro-abortionists stand in your way of speaking up for the human rights of the preborn and their mothers. Our team at Students for Life of America stands ready to help you through any crazy that you may face, and our lawyers….well, let’s just say they live for this stuff.

If you need help from our team, we are available 24/7 (literally). So please contact us at [email protected] anytime you have some crazy happen on your campus.