Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton: “Every Life Matters,” “Care for Every Child as Our Own”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 29, 2015   |   3:34PM   |   Washington, DC

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech today in which she apparently missed the irony of her own comments. While Clinton supports abortion on demand throughout pregnancy for any reason, she told listeners that “every life matters” and  we should “care for every child as our own.”

As CNS News reports:

“Every life matters,” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said in a speech at Columbia University on Wednesday about the criminal justice system that touched on recent cases of black men who died at the hands of police.

“Now even in the most painful times like those we are seeing in Baltimore, when parents fear for their children, when smoke fills the skies above our cities, when police officers are assaulted, even then, especially then, let’s remember the aspirations and values that unite us all, that every person should have the opportunity to succeed, that no one is disposable, that every life matters,” said Clinton, who is pro-abortion.

“Every life matters,” with the exception of the lives of unborn babies who are killed in abortions.

During the speech, Clinton also said, “We need to start understanding how important it is to care for every single child as though that child were our own.”

Several pro-life advocates on Twitter noticed the irony.

Clinton’s comments come on the heels her first speech as a presidential candidate in which she pushed abortion, saying too many women are “denied” abortions.