Miscarried at 22 Weeks, These Triplets are Changing the Abortion Debate

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 28, 2015   |   10:58AM   |   Washington, DC

Late-term abortions are legal in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other nations around the world. The pro-abortion movement tells us that the unborn baby in the womb is a ball of cells, a fetus or some other term used to dehumanize them.

But the story of triplets who were miscarried at 22 weeks is changing the abortion debate. The picture of them (above) makes it abundantly clear:  we’re not talking about anything other than human beings whose only difference between them and us is the fact that they are smaller.  Who can look at the picture of these babies and argue that they do not deserve to be protected from abortion?


Tragically, these little babies saw their lives cut short because of miscarriage. The parents of these triplets were surprised to hear from their doctor that they were carrying three unborn babies:

The doctor performing the ultrasound had a strange look on his face. The newly married couple braced themselves for what they were sure would be terrible news.

“Now, don’t scream,” he said in measured tones. “One. Two. Three…Triplets!”

Jason and Marie Taylor, both in their 30s, had married only four months ago, in May 2012. They were eager to start a family from the moment they fell in love.

It was an ongoing joke in the extended family that if Marie was going to “catch up” with the number of children her married sisters had, then she and Jason would have to have twins and triplets.

The ultrasound revealed that there were two girls and a boy. The proud parents named them Bernadette, Christine, and Adam.

Doctors encouraged them to have an abortion to supposedly improve the chances of one or two of the babies once they learned something was wrong. But this courageous couple wouldn’t purposefully kill their own children.

At a subsequent visit, doctors spoke to the parents about “selective reduction,” but the couple would hear none of it. Even though Marie was a trained nurse and knew that doctors would ask this question, it stung her to hear someone so unconcernedly offer to “kill one or two of my children.”


“That was really upsetting to us both since we so eagerly anticipated our children,” said Jason.

Marie started experiencing “sharp little pains” across her abdomen that became increasingly regular. That evening, the couple decided to head for the hospital to see what was going on.

Arriving at the hospital, the couple was incredulous when doctors told Marie that she was four centimeters dilated and that labour had begun. The young couple clung to the hope that doctors could do something to prevent labour from developing further while still keeping the babies safe.

But labour progressed further. Doctors broke the news that the babies were on their way.

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At 22 weeks, the tiny triplets didn’t have much of a chance. Not only was their gestational development delayed because they were triplets, but their little lungs hadn’t developed enough for them to breathe. As a nurse, Marie knew that ventilation efforts on underdeveloped lungs could explode the lungs, causing immediate death. Doctors told the parents that when born, the babies would not benefit from medical intervention.

Tragically the babies died.

“They came out, full of life, and moving around,” said Jason. “I kept on hoping that they might be the only triplets born at 22 weeks to ever survive, but they faded quickly.”

They have put together a moving video tribute in memory of their triplets. The parents wrote and recorded an uplifting and heartfelt song that accompanies their story, which is told through photos and texts. The YouTube video has already received close to 3,500 views.