Premature Baby Born One Week Before Legal Abortion Limit Miraculously Survives

International   |   Life Dynamics   |   Apr 24, 2015   |   12:55PM   |   London, England

A baby girl, who was born at 23 weeks when abortion is still legal, starts school later this year.

According to the UK Mirror, little Anais Knowles defied all the odds after being born at 23 weeks – one week before the abortion cut off limit in the UK. She is now turning three.

Born 23 weeks

Anais was born weighing just 600 grams on August 18, 2011. She spent six months in the hospital before coming home.

“She was a tiny sparrow when she was born – she only weighed 1Ib 5oz,” Anais’ mother Jackie explained. “Now she is going to school.

“It’s amazing, ” her mother said.

“When my waters broke at 22 weeks pregnant it was terrifying. I was rushed into Harlow hospital and managed to hang on for another seven days before I went into labour,” Jackie told BabyWorld.

“The doctors told us they wouldn’t resuscitate and were going to hand me the baby to pass away in my arms. But Anais came out trying to breath…Luckily Anais is a fighter and very feisty – something that’s still true today,” Jackie said.

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Jackie is now calling for lower abortion limits to be enforced.

“Anais is proof of that – she’s proof a baby can survive before 24 weeks,”
she told the Mirror.

Life Dynamics recently reported that another baby born at 23 weeks, Bella Davison, just reached her 9 month milestone.


LifeNews Note: Reprinted with permission from Life Dynamics.