A Pro-Abortion Group Just Revealed How Much It Hates Women in the Most Embarrassing Way

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 20, 2015   |   3:19PM   |   Washington, DC

A prominent pro-abortion group in Colorado massively embarrassed itself today by posting a tweet that essentially defended forced abortions. Colorado NARAL has significant egg on its face after pro-life advocates on Twitter exposed it as anti-woman.

Here’s the background: Pro-Life groups in Colorado are pushing a pro-life bill that holds criminals accountable for killing or injuring unborn children in an assault against the baby’s mother Michelle Wilkins (pictured above). The bill stems from a recent case in which a woman cut out a pregnant mom’s 7-month-old baby from her stomach, after which the baby died, but was not charged with murder for her crime.

The bill is patterned after federal law and laws in dozens of states like the one that put Scott Peterson in prison for double murder after he killed his wife Laci Peterson and his unborn son Connor. But pro-abortion groups like NARAL oppose it because declaring unborn children potential victims of crimes acknowledges their humanity.

In its zeal to oppose the bill, Colorado NARAL today tweeted a message opposing the bill. But the way the tweet read, the pro-abortion group essentially said it was defending criminals who forcibly end a woman’s pregnancy against her wishes. So much for pro-choice.

Moreover, Colorado NARAL deleted a tweet that said it opposed a bill to stop “Crimes Against Unborn Women.” it changed the tweet to read “Crimes Against Pregnant Women” because it doesn’t want to acknowledge unborn babies.

Here’s the tweet and response from pro-life activists on Twitter who had a field day exposing NARAL’s revealing it’s anti-woman, pro-abortion bent:


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