Mother Who Thought She Was Pregnant is Devastated When Doctors Remove a Baby-Sized Tumor

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Apr 17, 2015   |   1:07PM   |   Bucharest, Romania

In Romania, Madalina Neagu was devastated after she found out that she wasn’t pregnant but instead was carrying around an 11lb tumor inside her uterus. Neagu arrived at the Botosani County Hospital and doctors began to prep her for delivery. However, after carrying out a few tests, they were shocked to discover she wasn’t pregnant at all.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the doctors treating her, Dr Dorin Scladan said, “As the woman told us she was pregnant, we initially expected pregnancy complications. In fact, the size of her belly was quite similar to that of a nine-month pregnant woman, so we didn’t have any reason to doubt what she told us.”

He added, “We don’t often see a tumor of this size and in this location.”

Thankfully, Dr. Sclandan and his colleage Dr Camelia Todica, were able to successfully remove the tumor. Then Neagu was transferred to an intensive care where she is expected to recover.

The National Institute of Health reports that uterine tumors that are non-cancerous grow within the wall of the uterus and are fairly commonly among women of childbearing age. They vary in size and number and may be accompanied by infertility, miscarriage, and early onset of labor.

In 2014, it was reported that another woman who thought she was pregnant actually had a tumor in uterus.

Here’s more:

The news comes after last year MailOnline reported on the story of Lorna Fulton, 44, who desperately wanted a family and believed she was pregnant when her stomach began to swell.

She had ballooned to a size 26 and her waistline had been expanding despite months of dieting. But while she hoped this was a sign she was expecting, specialists discovered a huge ovarian cyst.

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Mrs Fulton was forced to undergo a full hysterectomy at Glasgow’s Royal Infirmary where medics drained more than 32 litres of fluid from her stomach.

It was revealed she had been carrying around a 5st cyst, a sac of fluid that forms on the ovary, for months.

She recovered after the operation, and although she now cannot have children, says she feels ‘lucky to be alive’.

And in 2012, MailOnline reported on the story of Kayleigh Terry, 21, who believed she was pregnant with her first child after gaining weight. But she was terrified to discover she actually had cancer.

An ultrasound scan revealed she had a large cancerous growth which covered an area from her breast to her lower abdomen. She was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma and had emergency chemotherapy to shrink the potentially deadly tumour. Miss Terry lost her hair and eye-lashes along with 3st in weight after the shrunken tumour was removed a few months later.

But after treatment, she was given the all clear, and now hopes to start her own family.