Facebook Lifts Ban on Picture of Baby Born Without a Nose That it Called “Shocking”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 16, 2015   |   11:03AM   |   Washington, DC

Facebook has lifted a ban on an image of a baby born without a nose that it previously called shocking. As LifeNews had reported, Facebook had said a post by the pro-life group Live Action cannot be promoted on the social media site because “the image or video thumbnail may shock or evoke a negative response from viewers.”

The “shocking” image is of baby Eli Thompson who was born last month without a nose; in the touching piece, his parents say they love him exactly as he is and think he is “perfect.” But Facebook thought the picture of young Eli was too troublesome to be a promoted piece, and it refused the ad.


Now, Live Action indicates Facebook has lifted the ban after thousands of complaints from pro-life people who use it:

Facebook has lifted a ban on pictures of baby Eli, who was born without a nose, after deeming the photos “shocking” and inappropriate for viewers. In addition, the social media giant will allow Live Action News stories of Eli to be promoted, after banning the images for over 10 days.

Eli was born with a rare condition that left him without sinus or nasal cavities. His mother, Brandi McGlathery, shared his story with the world, declaring him “perfect” and worthy of love. Facebook initially rejected a promotion of a Live Action News story on baby Eli, noting that the “image or video thumbnail may shock or evoke a negative response from viewers.”

When McGlathery saw a reprint of Live Action’s story on LifeNews, she posted the story on her Facebook page, angered that her beautiful baby was so controversial for the social media giant.


According to Life Dynamics, Facebook also asked McGlathery to remove pictures of her son. McGlathery was shocked by the request, and by comments from viewers who suggested she should have aborted Eli.


In fact, a pro-abortion person on Facebook messaged McGlathery asking why she did not abort him. The hateful pro-abortion message read, “he’s so ugly don’t you wish you would have had an abortion…give that thing up for adoption.”

Little Eli, was born on March 4, weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces to proud parents, Brandi McGlathery and Troy Thompson. But doctors immediately noticed something was different, Eli did not have a nose. At birth, Eli started breathing through his mouth.

Eli Thompson has an extremely rare condition known as complete congenital arhinia and there are only about 37 cases worldwide like his. The chance of being born with congenital arhinia is one in 197 million, his mother told reporters.

“I never expected anything to be wrong with him, every ultrasound I ever had came back normal, so I was expecting a perfectly healthy baby boy, but to my surprise Eli was born without a nose,” Brandi wrote on her Go Fund Me page.

Eli’s parents are smitten, “We think he’s perfect the way he is,” the newborn’s mother said

“We’re going to do our best to make sure he’s happy. The rest of him is so cute, sometimes you don’t realize he doesn’t have a nose,” she said.