Illinois Bill Would Force You to Pay for Abortions Through All Nine Months of Pregnancy

State   |   Emily Zender   |   Apr 15, 2015   |   5:52PM   |   Springfield, IL

The Illinois General Assembly is considering House bill 4013 that would force you to pay for abortions through all nine months of pregnancy for those on Medicaid.

But why is it such a bad idea? ( I mean besides the obvious? )
Here’s the top five terrible facts about this bill:
1. According to the pro-choice ACLU, 18 – 35% of women on Medicaid will not seek an abortion unless taxpayers pay for it. Lifting Illinois’ decades-old ban on taxpayer-funded abortion could increase abortions an estimated 12,000 per year.2. In 2012, Illinois Planned Parenthood paid back the state $367,000 after the Department of Healthcare and Family Services accused it of overbilling taxpayers for services. House Bill 4013 would reward the overbilling of Planned Parenthood by giving it even more Medicaid funding promoting more “Chicago Way” corrupt policies in Illinois.

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3. There is little-to-no oversight of the Illinois abortion facilities that would receive increased taxpayer dollars under House Bill 4013. According to documents obtained from the Illinois Department of Public Health, no Illinois Planned Parenthood has a license nor has it received a state health inspection since 1999.

4.  Which Illinoisans should pay for other people’s abortions? What about the infertile couple nursing their broken heart following each miscarriage, now patiently waiting to adopt? Should their tax money go to pay for a stranger’s abortion? House Bill 4013 says yes.

5. Should liar doctors who cheated taxpayers, violated the Hippocratic oath, committed fraud, and illegally performed a fake abortion on women they knew were not pregnant receive your tax money? House Bill 4013 says yes.


House Bill 4013 will increase abortions, give away taxpayer funds with little oversight, and fund criminal paychecks straight from the pockets of hard working Illinoisans.

LifeNews Note: Emily Zender is the executive director of Illinois Right to Life.