Watch as a Woman Explains Why She’s Glad She Aborted Her Baby: I Have No Shame

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 14, 2015   |   11:27AM   |   Washington, DC

A woman in a new video produced by a pro-abortion group offers an explanation for why she decided to have an abortion. Apparently she says she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be attached to her boyfriend her entire life — even though single moms capably raise children every day.

She said “my life just was not conducive to raising a healthy – happy child.” What would be so horrific about having a baby that an abortion was preferable? The times when she would see her baby smile or coo? Her child’s first steps or first words? The time time her baby would wrap his or her arms around her and say they loved her?

I just didn’t feel it was fair,” she said — referring to herself but ignoring what was fair for the baby.

Kirke complains about how she had to “empty my checking account” for the abortion and couldn’t afford anesthesia during the abortion — something for which she blames pro-life people. Kirke now has two born children and she says she hopes abortion remains legal for their sake.

Here’s her video: