Northern Ireland: Precious Life Launches “Every Vote Counts” Pro-Life Campaign

International   |   Precious Life   |   Apr 13, 2015   |   10:50AM   |   Belfast, Northern Ireland

With the Westminster Elections fast approaching on Thursday 7th May 2015, Precious Life, the leading pro-life group in Northern Ireland, has launched its ‘Every Life Counts’ leaflet campaign urging the public to vote only for political candidates who are unequivocally opposed to abortion.

The Westminster Parliament is the most pro-abortion government in Europe, sanctioning the killing of over 200,000 unborn children every year, 600 every day. Unlike the rest of the United Kingdom, the people of Northern Ireland have consistently opposed the introduction of abortion and the extension of the Abortion Act 1967 by electing pro-life politicians.

However, Marie Stopes, the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, and Amnesty International pose a looming threat to our unborn children with a concerted push to legalise abortion on demand in Northern Ireland. It is vitally important that voters are informed of the political candidates who will not only uphold the rights of unborn children in Northern Ireland, but will also be a voice for the unborn child at Westminster Parliament. In the run up to the Westminster Elections, thousands of leaflets will be distributed by members of Precious Life across Northern Ireland. The leaflets have outlined each political party’s position on abortion.

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Precious Life is also calling on voters to make Friday 1st May a RED LETTER DAY for unborn children. Precious Life is asking voters to bombard political candidates by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, or to just call into their offices to ask them one question: ‘If elected, will you defend the right to life of all unborn children?’ If they cannot guarantee this, they cannot be considered suitable candidates for Westminster, no matter how appealing their other policies may be. Without the right to life, all other political promises are meaningless.

Bernadette Smyth, the director of Precious Life, said: ‘We are calling on the electorate to “make your vote count for unborn children”. We acknowledge that abortion is not the only issue facing the voter, but if a candidate is unwilling to protect the life of a little baby, how is he or she supposed to respect the life of the voter?’

Bernadette Smyth continued: ‘The people of Northern Ireland must do all they can to ensure that Northern Ireland does not succumb to the anti-life mentality of the Westminster Parliament. We must be actively vigilant in using our vote and our voice on Thursday 7th May to elect political candidates who can guarantee that they will stand up and protect our unborn children.’

For contact details of each political candidate, please see the Precious Life website or contact 02890 27848