Mother of Six Boys Has Priceless Reaction After Finding Out She’s Having A Girl

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Apr 10, 2015   |   6:50PM   |   Washington, DC

In North Carolina, Cher Lair and her husband Stephen have six boys and are expecting another baby in August. For this baby, they decided to have a gender reveal party but left the secret in the hands of family friend Andrea Silvey.

Silvey baked a cake for the party and said that if they were having a boy the inside would be blue but if it were a girl it would be pink. However, the couple felt fairly certain that they would have another boy since they had never conceived a girl. Cher said, “Initially, on baby three and four I’m thinking ‘They’ll be a girl at some point. They can’t all be boys.’ But after four and five and six, You’re kinda thinking, yeah they can.”

But then the unexpected happened— when Cher cut into the cake she saw pink instead of blue. She immediately started screaming and asked, “Are they kidding? Is this a joke?”

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Cher told ABC News that she always wanted a daughter and couldn’t be happier about the new addition to their family. She said, “We are happy we got exactly what we were supposed to get with all these six and with a girl.” She added, “I want to have that mommy-daughter thing, to take her to Cinderella, for pedicures and manicures, and shop for a prom dress. I’ve wanted that.”

Thankfully, most of the children feel the same way as Cher. Her nine-year-old son, Campbell Lair, said, “I like my brothers but I’m tired of all the dirt piles.”

Watch Cher’s priceless reaction in the video below.