Nurse Admits to Killing Six Elderly Patients Because She Wanted to “Lighten My Workload”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 9, 2015   |   1:26PM   |   Prague, Czech Republic

The epidemic of nurses killing their patients because they are too overwhelmed to properly care for them is growing. LifeNews has profiled a number of shocking mass euthanasia cases and now, out of the Czech Republic, comes another story of a nurse murdering the very people hose care she is charged with providing.

Vera Maresova, 50, killed five women and one man over a four-year period, news reports indicate. Authorizes say she has admitted to killing the patients to lighten her workload. Maresova, who has been dubbed “Nurse Death” locally, has admitted killing the victims with massive doses of potassium. When injected into their bloodstreams, the drug caused the elderly patients’ hearts to fail and eventually killed them.

Nurse Killed Six Patients To Lighten Her Workload

The London Daily Mail has more:

Vera Maresova, 50, confessed to killing five women and one man over a four-year period at a hospital in Rumburk – a small town in the north of the country.

Dubbed ‘Nurse Death’ by local media, Maresova was initially arrested over the death of a 70-year-old woman last August, but has now admitted killing five more people between 2010 and 2014 following a police investigation.

According to the prosecution, Maresova injected the potassium straight into the blood stream of her six elderly patients, which caused them to suffer heart failure and eventually death. All of her victims were already in the intensive care unit at the hospital and it is believed Maresova thought their deaths would simply be attributed to natural causes.

Initially arrested last August for the death of one patient, a 70-year-old woman who died from potassium poisoning in June, Maresova subsequently admitted killing five others dating back to 2010.

‘All of her victims were elderly and needed intensive treatment,’ a police spokesperson said. ‘The woman who was supposed to care for them but instead killed them because she wanted to make life easier for herself,’ he added.

LifeNews has twice profiled Daniela Poggiali, an Italian nurse who was arrested for allegedly killing up to 38 patients because she found them or their relatives annoying. Later, reports indicated she may have killed as many as 96 patients.



One of her victims, Rosa Calderoni, brought her crimes to light after she died from an injection of potassium. Officials suspect that Ms. Poggiali may have killed two more patients on the same day of Calderoni’s death.


In January, a German male nurse, known as Niels H., said that he killed at least 30 patients between 2003 and 2005 because he was bored.

Meanwhile, Dr. Virginia Soares de Souza has been charged with 7 counts of murder and may have killed 300 patients in order to, reportedly, “free-up” beds.

As Bobby Schindler, the brother of Terri Schiavo, explains in his article, Yes, We Have a Culture of Death, there are many examples of life threatening prejudices plaguing the disability community and those who are medically vulnerable.

Schindler writes, “Tragically, too many of us today have become disconnected and desensitized to our own dignity and intrinsic worth. It seems we no longer know how to love, and we place more significance and value on what a person can or cannot do, instead of understanding the value and dignity of the human person, simply because they are human.”

While some prejudices might seem “kinder” than Ms. Poggiali’s reasoning, they all lead down the same path; killing people because they are inconvenient or unwanted.