Daughter of Pregnant Rape Victim: “Mommy I’m Sorry it Happened, But at Least You Have Me”

National   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Apr 2, 2015   |   11:46AM   |   Washington, DC

Earlier this year, Right to Life of Michigan’s Educational Fund launched the compassion project. The purpose of the project is to, with women who have conceived children in rape, been conceived in rape themselves, or had a past abortion, “convey a fresh perspective to an ongoing discussion.” Their perspectives deal specifically as to if abortion is justifiable in certain circumstances.

During the week of March 25, two pro-life television ads were aired as part of the compassion project. Shauna Prewitt shares how she was raped and conceived her daughter. There is also a link for her full testimony, which runs about five minutes long.  Another ad includes a poem expressing the sadness experienced during springtime from an unwed mother who had had an abortion.

The testimonies mention painful experiences, but also hope. An excerpt beside Shauna’s video, for instance, on the home page of the compassion project, shares Shauna relating of how her daughter said “Mommy I’m so sorry that happened to you but at least you have me.”

The stories mention a “stigma” regarding children conceived in rape, whether it be the fear coming from pregnant mothers of how society would view their children, or how these children came to see themselves.

Whether coming from the child who grew up, or the mother who courageously chose life for her child, these stories not only provide a “fresh perspective,” but also add a human touch to those who have been a victim of rape. Their stories of courage help to debunk society’s view that mothers don’t want these children, that there is something wrong with them, that abortion is the best option for a woman.



Such societal pressure and views was also echoed in a Life Dynamics post, which mentioned the compassion project, as well as testimonies from others who were conceived out of rape or conceived children themselves because of rape.

But, real-life experiences of women, from all kinds of samplings, show that society is wrong. Women who have been raped and had an abortion regretted it, and found the experience only added to the suffering, rather than to help them heal.

Rape is a horrific experience which should happen to no one. But, when it does happen, and children are conceived as a result, there are two victims. No one else should have to pay for the crimes of the rapist, and that especially includes an innocent and defenseless unborn child. We should be mindful and compassion towards these woman, and that involves helping them to properly heal in the most full way possible, something abortion cannot do.