George Soros is Bankrolling Effort to Legalize Assisted Suicide in California

State   |   California ProLife Council   |   Mar 30, 2015   |   11:44AM   |   Sacramento, CA

You may not know it, but the Mass Media actually has clearly defined ethical guidelines.

Because of the high risk of encouraging suicide amongst the vulnerable, international news and media ethics prescribe careful guidelines for coverage of every suicide. Of particular import: the instructions not to sensationalize or romaticize the suicidal act; not to offer the ‘justifying reasons’ or publish the suicide note or statements of the individual killed. All of that is now out the window in California.

Billionaire and culture-warrior, George Soros has given millions to ‘Compassion and Choices’ (C&C) to help them influence culture, then pass and implement assisted suicide laws across the nation. 



The tragedy of a young California woman, Brittany Maynard, is the principle vehicle used by C&C (formerly known as the Hemlock Society) to carry this message of ‘compassionate’ killing. Simultaneous stories in People Magazine, and in every newspaper in the nation announced her ‘declaration’ to take her own life on November 1st, 2014.

Many individuals have faced illnesses similar to Brittany’s brain cancer, and lived for years.  Amazingly, the day prior to “D Day” Nov 1, Brittany announced that she too would like to put it off a bit longer. Something or someone influenced Brittany to ‘get back on schedule’ and she did indeed die of poisoning on Nov 1.

While supposedly ‘private’, this was one of the most public ‘self-killings’ of recent times.

The California Senate Health Committee, after watching Brittany’s ‘goodbye’ video and hearing emotional testimony by those who seek to remove the law against third-party involvement in suicide (“assisting suicide”) voted SB 128 out on a party-line vote with one member abstaining.


The measure will now be heard in Judiciary on April 7th, it is the first order of business. If passed it will then head to the Senate floor.

For more information on how to help stop the bill to legalize assisted suicide, contact California Pro-Life Council.