Do Pro-Lifers Impose Our Beliefs on Others Or Does Society Impose Abortion on Babies?

Opinion   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Mar 25, 2015   |   9:33AM   |   Washington, DC

We’ve often heard it said that those of us against abortion impose our beliefs on others. Our opposition to abortion is not based on a mere belief so much that life begins at conception, as it is that that we accept the fact that science tells us this.

We accept in our society that murder is wrong. And, with life beginning at conception, the unborn child is indeed a human person who ought to be protected, under the law, from murder.



And so it’s not so much then that we’re imposing our beliefs on others, but rather stating a fact that some don’t yet accept, or do accept, but will not act consistently on. We are reminding our society that we find murder of humans to be wrong and illegal, and that the unborn child should be treated no differently. The child in the womb we may not be able to see, and it may not be of the same size or developed stage as the rest of us, but that does not fundamentally change that the child is a human person.

There are some people who do accept that life begins at conception, but simply don’t care. There are similarly those who claim to be personally pro-life. They do already know that life begins at conception, but they’re afraid of offending others who don’t share their view.

Think about how ridiculous that sounds. If you already know that life begins at conception, then you know that abortion is wrong because it is the murder of a human person. The humanity of the unborn is not determined by the view of the child’s parents. If life begins at conception, it just does. Stop worrying about causing offense, especially when it is the unborn child who violently suffers for it!


For those of us who are not yet ready to admit that life begins at conception, it is nevertheless worth examining what if they are wrong. In that case, the deaths of over 57 million children have occurred because not enough people knew better than to accept a scientific fact. And that’s a pretty dangerously big gamble to take.

Enough about these concerns of imposing our morality on others. When it comes to the brutal murder of others, especially those who are the most innocent, defenseless and vulnerable among us, we owe it to the good of our society to stand by the truth and to expect others to adhere to it.