Cosmopolitan: Fine to Abort Your Baby, Just Don’t Smoke While You’re Pregnant

National   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Mar 25, 2015   |   5:39PM   |   Washington, DC

This week, posted about how unborn babies react in the womb when their mother’s smoke. It’s become a trending topic for not only pro-life news sites, but also the mainstream media as well, and even pro-abortion outlets.

As pointed out by The Federalist and Twitchy, Cosmopolitan, which seems to have an obsession with all things sex and pro-abortion, even just from their web page, has also taken to sharing this trending news topic.

The tweet from Cosmopolitan even notes how “REALLY disturbing,” with original emphasis, it is how “unborn babies react when their mothers smoke…”

Woah! So a woman who is pregnant is a mother? And what’s growing inside of her is an unborn baby, who can actually react to things? You don’t say! What’s growing inside of a woman’s womb may even be a human whose life is worth protecting. But you wouldn’t know that from Cosmopolitan’s angle on abortion. Other pro-lifers were also quick to respond to the hypocrisy of Cosmo.



Cosmo’s tweet could come from anyone communicating a serious issue. Even Planned Parenthood tells women that they shouldn’t drink or smoke during their pregnancies. It’s nice to know that pro-lifers and those who support and provide abortions alike can agree on this, but it also highlights a strong hypocrisy from the abortion movement.

If a baby is affected by her mother smoking during the pregnancy, what does that say about the unborn?  Surely if something has an effect on someone or something in a way that smoking does on unborn children, then they’re not just a clump of cells or a blob of tissue.

If unborn children are affected by this, wouldn’t it stand that they are human beings who are affected by anything else, say their mothers aborting them?

Those who advocate for or perform abortions on women should not have any opinion then about the effect of smoking has on unborn children. Because what it really means to advocate for abortion means you advocate for the worst possible fate for an unborn child. Fetal alcohol syndrome and discomfort in the womb may be unjust for an unborn child to experience, but they’re nothing compared to what an abortion does, especially for those children who can feel pain.


But, as Ohio Right to Life shared in an e-mail to, there may be hope. “If pro-abortion outposts like Cosmopolitan are reacting like this, what a huge sign that our side–that life–actually stands a chance at winning!”

Why are we so against smoking but not abortion? Is it really worse to smoke than it is to abort? How do women have the control to kill but not to smoke? Granted, they should do neither, but what makes themso in control to do one thing but not the other? It may very well be the likely notion that Planned Parenthood and others follow the ridiculous but nevertheless common mantra that when life begins is not for science to decide, but for the woman.

A mother may carry and give birth to her child, but she is not the one to say if her child is a human being or is deserving of life or not. All unborn children are human beings. And as rightfully shocked as our society is about how unborn babies are affected when their mothers smoke, they should be at the very least, if not more so, outraged and indignant, when their mothers abort them.