Pregnant Mom Terrified, Doctors Gave Her Abortion Drug After Wrongly Saying Her Baby Miscarried

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Mar 23, 2015   |   3:29PM   |   London, England

In London, a 23-year-old woman is terrified because she took the RU-486 abortion pill after she was wrongly told she miscarried her baby.

Rachel said, “This has been the worst time of my life. I feel like I’ve had the first taste of motherhood – buying clothes, picking names and the excitement – ripped from me. Instead, I’m left with fear and worry.”

According to the Mirror Online, Rachel found out just before Christmas that she was six-weeks-pregnant but when she went in to a pregnancy clinic, a nurse failed to pick up a heartbeat and said her baby had died. Then clinic staff gave Rachel the abortion pill to prevent infection and to remove the baby.

However, three weeks later Rachel fainted and was rushed to the hospital where she was told she was still pregnant. Now she is 17-weeks pregnant and her baby is still alive.


She said, “As soon as I was told there was a heartbeat I burst into floods of tears. I don’t know how he or she will turn out but I do know I will love them whatever.”



In the United States, Dr. Matthew Harrison has helped over 100 women successfully use a reversal kit to stop the effects of RU-486. He said, “We’re looking at about 120-130 women right now who have babies that are surviving and doing well and it looks like we have about a 60 percent success rate, which is much better than if you do nothing. We’re hoping that this gives a woman a choice when she thinks she made a mistake. I want to save the baby and do whatever I can to help, and this gives an immediate choice to her.”


Dr. Harrison said the treatment is a series of progesterone shots that can be taken an estimated 72 hours after the abortion. Dr. Harrison said, “Those shots consist of one shot a day for three days, and then a shot every other day for a total of two weeks, and then twice a week up until the end of the first trimester which is 13 weeks along.”

He added, “The way the abortion pill works is it essentially starves the baby by blocking the natural hormone that’s in the woman’s body. So if that hormone is blocked, the baby can’t survive. What progesterone does, the treatment we give her, is it puts extra hormone into her system, the natural hormone that’s already in her system, and it floods her system with progesterone so the abortion pill doesn’t work.”