When She Saw the Bloody Tools From the Last Woman’s Abortion, She Changed Her Mind

National   |   Carole Novielli   |   Mar 18, 2015   |   9:52AM   |   Washington, DC

Today, the pro-life group, Life Dynamics published the story of how a single mom gone viral video singing sensation, shared how she walked out of an abortion clinic while pregnant with her daughter. It is the amazing story of Kimberly Henderson which you can read here.

Shortly after Kimberly shared her post on Facebook women began flocking to the page to share how they also walked out instead of having an abortion.

Among the myriads of women who replied to Kimberly’s post was this story from “Jennifer” who said that while she waiting to be called into the procedure room, she witnessed staff cleaning a tray full of bloody medical instruments.

“I have a similar story as well.

I’m 17, I’m graduating this year and I have a son named Will Jaden *****.

I went to an abortion clinic myself.

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I felt I had no choice when my parents were telling me that it’s best I go through with it and the father of my child said I should just do it after my parents agreed.

I pulled up and I saw an old lady yelling about how we are making a mistake by aborting and it just made me feel horrible like I knew I was making a mistake but I still felt I had to do it.

I went inside and waited, there were a few other girls there waiting like they do this everyday like it meant nothing to kill this blessing.

I was shocked. I did not want to do it at all.

I prayed and had a feeling that if I go that something will happen that they won’t or can’t go through with it.

A girl next to me was called about 40 minutes before me and when I was called they walked me to my room.

They had the doors open and I could see one of the people at a sink cleaning a tray full of bloody tools they must of just used. My stomach sank and then when I look to my right I saw them waking up the girl that went before me saying ” your all done“.

They just killed her baby…

She had the sickest look on her.

I felt like throwing up and I just kept thinking it’s not going to happen please don’t let this happen please god.

They left me in my room to remove my clothes and I made sure to ask that we are checking first if I’m not too far along to do it.

I laid down on the chair/table w.e and I felt so cold and frozen just thinking please please be too far along I don’t want this.

They brought their equipment in and they put the gel on my stomach I wanted to peak at the screen but I felt it’s better I don’t. I waited and the doctor whispers to the nurse something I could not make out.

I said what what is it and he said your 24 weeks.

I told him sooo what I’m too far? And he says yes.

I gave a big sigh of relief and laid back down.

He gave me my ultrasounds and as soon as he left i just laid there and I cried and since then I know god heard me. I know he answered me.

I was so happy I didn’t do it. I honestly didn’t really believe in him until that day.

I walked out and they told my mom. I was happy but I didn’t want to look at her and see her face so I just kept my head down. We left, she didn’t say anything. Then she tells me that they told that other girls mom to pick her daughter up in the back I guess so the other women wouldn’t see her walk in pain.

I couldn’t believe they did that too her.

I am happy now with a 6 month old baby boy.


He loves and smiles at anyone who talks or even looks at him with the biggest most gorgeous eyes.

My parents love him everyone does! I know he was meant to be here. He is a blessing and I love him so much. I cried into tears when I found out I was having a boy. And when I seen him I balled and hated myself for even going to the abortion clinic, I still think about it sometimes because I would never have had this angel if I went through with it. It will always be a memory but I’m just thankful the Lord heard me. I’m happier now then I ever was. Before I was depressed and was not living like I had a purpose.

I know there are many girls out there who felt like i did. They don’t want to do it but because their parents or family or friends shove that “it’s better to get rid of it and forget it or you won’t graduate or get anywhere in life, etc.” down your throat you feel you have no choice so you just do it. You can say no!.

Speak up!

I didn’t but god helped me. You can have a baby and still achieve anything. A baby should give you more of a reason to finish school or get a nice career.

An abortion should not be an answer. If you have the slightest feeling of not doing it don’t do it. It will haunt you. Going that day still haunts me to this day and will forever be there. Now imagine if I did put his life to an end. I probably wouldn’t be alive today because of how bad I would feel and be depressed.”

LifeNews Note: Carole Novielli is the author of the blog Saynsumthn, where this article originally appeared.