Woman Searches for Father of Her Baby After She’s Pregnant From One-Night Stand

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Mar 17, 2015   |   11:02AM   |   London, England

In 2011, Bianca Fazey was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and doctors told her it was very unlikely that she would ever get pregnant. However, after a one-night stand in Australia, Fazey conceived and is now looking for the father of her baby.

According to Closer Online, Fazey posted an ad in Gumtree, a free classifieds service in the United Kingdom, in hopes that the man would see it and come forward. bianaf2The ad says, “I am looking for the guy, whose number I never saved thinking I would never see him again, and, as it turns out… I have something that belongs to him.

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I met a guy named Jeremy on the 23rd April 2014 at Harlem Wednesdays. We ended up spending the night together and I ended up pregnant.”

Fazey added, “From what I remember his name is Jeremy… he was handsome, about 5’7ish, in his 20s, brown hair, brown eyes, no tattoos, very friendly, and a lovely gentleman.”

In January, baby Logan Fazey was born after doctors worked for 30-minutes to resuscitate him.
After he was born, some people shared their disapproval for Fazey’s ad on social media and said that she was unfit to be a mother. In fact, a few even commented and said she should have had an abortion.

Fazey shared more with the Daily Mail Australia. She said, “Unfortunately all I got was lots of judgment and idiots messaging me telling me they would be the father or pretending to be Jeremy. It was sad to see people saying I should get an abortion; those were the only comments that hurt. Society is still hating on women who choose to keep pregnancy outside of a relationship.”

“I was more mad at the amount of women (mums included) saying I shouldn’t go through with it. I do hope that I can find him and let him know, he can make his own choice. But more for the sake of the kid, when he asks questions or wants to find him I want to be prepared,” she said.


Fazey concluded, “I love this beautiful boy with all my heart and I am a fantastic mother, he is strong, smart, happy and very, very loved! Not only do I have the support of my family but also this beautiful town I live in and my amazing friends, I am so appreciative of everyone who has been kind to me even if you are holding your tongue! I don’t know if this will be the end of this story, I will continue living my life and raising Logan just as I have been, in no way is getting 15 minutes of fame a priority on my list. Logan, my family, our health and happiness is all that matters to me.”