Couple Refuses Abortion After Doctor Says Baby With Anencephaly is “Incompatible with Life”

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Mar 12, 2015   |   9:56AM   |   Gastonia, NC

Tragically, most children with anencephaly die shortly after birth. The condition is described as a severe form of spina bifida where a failure of fusion of the neural rube in early pregnancy results in the baby developing without cerebral hemispheres, including the neocortex.

Unfortunately, what’s worse than the condition itself is the startling fact that 95% of unborn babies who are diagnosed with anencephaly before birth die from abortion. However, LifeNews has been able to share the stories of many brave couples that have refused abortion in the face of this terrible condition.

In 2014, Cynthia Morales and Jonathan Aguero found out they were expecting another baby and were thrilled; but when they went in for their 12-week check up, they were given heartbreaking news.

Here is their story:

When Johnny was 9 months old, we found out I was expecting again. It was a total surprise because we weren’t expecting it to happen that soon but we were happy too. I went for my first doctor appointment yay … so excited. They did an ultrasound, we saw our little peanut, the heartbeat was so strong 177 bpm. Everything was going fine with our pregnancy, at least we thought so.

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I went back to the doctor on October 9th, 2014 for my 12 weeks checkup and an ultrasound. After we got out of the ultrasound we had to wait in the lobby to be called back to the room.

After a long wait, we got to see Dr. Chatham. He came in the room and introduced himself and asked us to come to his office. He explained us what the ultrasound was for and all that.

The next thing he said was: “this is a really bad ultrasound” … words I will never forget … “this ultrasound is not looking right, the baby has no skull, we can see part of his brain being exposed but the skull did not develop”. My heart broke in a million pieces.

My husband started asking if there was any possibility for it to close sometime during the pregnancy, and he said “Unfortunately, No. His brain will start to deteriorate because of the amniotic fluid he is surrounded by. These babies are not compatible with life, some of them pass during the pregnancy. If they make it to 9 months they pass during the delivery or minutes or hours after the delivery but these babies do not survive” “the baby is alive because he is attached to her by the umbilical cord receiving oxygen and blood from her, but they do not survive at the nursery station.”

We went to get a level 2 ultrasound on October 10th, and it was confirmed. Our baby has Anencephaly, which is a neural tube defect.

Unbelievably, many people have told them they should have an abortion but they’ve responded perfectly.

Cynthia said, “I know so many people have asked me: “Why would you keep going with the pregnancy?” or they say “You should terminate the pregnancy” … Abortion never passed through my head, even when that was all I could hear from people. I am a proud mother of an Anencephalic Angel that we decided to name Joel Ahmed, and he is due to arrive April 23rd, 2015.”

In the ultrasound picture of their son below, you can see that his head is malformed because of his medical condition, but his mother Cynthia sees Joel as a perfect human being.


She concluded: “People say I’m brave because of my decision, but I’m not, I’m just not capable of killing my own son or any other human being just because in the world’s eye “he is different” or because the doctors say “he is not compatible with life”. TO ME, HE IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!”