Philippines: Hundreds at Catholic Pro-Life Conference Urged to Oppose Abortion

International   |   Krista Schmid Thomas   |   Mar 9, 2015   |   11:39AM   |   Manila, Philippines

Over 500 Filipino faithful attended a recent Diocesan Family and Life Congress to better equip themselves, their families, and their communities against the ill effects of the Reproductive Health (RH) Law which passed in the their country last year.

As the main speaker, HLI Philippines country director Rene Bullecer, MD presented the threats posed by the law and exhorted those in attendance to fight hard against the avalanche of implications set to follow.

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Dr. Bullecer explained that population control advocates have capitalized on the rampant political corruption in the Philippines to reward the government for implementing anti-life measures. Speaking at San Agustin Parish Church, he said the government’s policies have already increased access to contraception and begun to require population control indoctrination for couples requesting marriage licenses and immoral sex miseducation for children. This multifaceted assault on faith and family life will inevitably result in calls for legalized abortion in the near future, he said.

Urging Filipinos to do their part, Dr. Bullecer told the audience: “Resist the impending evil implications that are meant to reshape traditional values and morality and to extinguish generations.”

Once enacted, the RH Law led quickly to promotion of sexual freedom, gender ideology, same-sex unions, contraception, and abortion, Dr. Bullecer pointed out, adding that its proponents in the Filipino government next plan to legalize divorce, same-sex unions and abortion-on-demand.


“These anti-life ideologies cause a breakdown in society because they reject the sacredness of the human person and his relationship with God, the author of Life,” Dr. Bullecer said. “We hope and pray that Church leadership will not remain silent, but will be strong in fighting these evils promoted by our own government.”

LifeNews Note: Krista Schmid Thomas is the communications manager at Human Life International.