Baby Noah’s Mother Was Considering an Abortion But Changed Her Mind When She Saw This

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Mar 9, 2015   |   3:11PM   |   Washington, DC

Little baby Noah was born this week, but he almost didn’t make it to birth. His mother was considering an abortion.

However, in a recent article in Pro-Life Humanists, Kristine Kruszelnicki shares about a recent experience she had at an outreach in Canada that demonstrated the importance of pro-life signs.

She writes, “I wasn’t feeling particularly effective one late August afternoon while I was engaged in a Choice Chain display as part of the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s 2014 Crash Course – a week of intensive training. While I do enjoy a healthy discussion/debate and had really wanted to practice my newly acquired pro-life arguments, the crowd we faced that humid afternoon was hostile, and I found myself longing for the end of our activism time, and for our return to the shade and air conditioning of the training locale.”

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She continued, “No one in the downtown square that day seemed to want to talk about the morality of abortion itself – they all seemed more upset that children might see our abortion images than they did about the fact that 300 Canadian children per day were being dismembered and killed by the procedure shown in the images. I felt like I was wasting my time and giving myself a headache for nothing.”

Near the end of the event, Kruszelnicki was explaining to a passerby that if they could show the graphic images of babies killed in abortions only to adults and to women considering abortion, they would do that. Additionally, she said that saving lives take precedence over feelings and the pictures were there because a lot of people don’t know what abortion does to unborn children.


She said, “Any one of these women walking by our signs today might be pregnant and may reconsider doing this to their pre-born as a result of seeing these pictures.” Amazingly, right after Kruszelnicki said that a quiet woman who had been listening the whole time said, “Yeah, and I’m one of them.”


Here’s more:


“The angry man I’d been engaging vanished into thin air as I took the young woman aside and encouraged her to share her story. She was in an abusive relationship and her partner was threatening to kill her if she didn’t “get rid of it”. She was afraid to leave him or to report the abuse to the police for fear of getting him in trouble – a classic abortion advocate’s case study of a woman who “needed” an abortion because of circumstances unsuitable to the presence of a child.

Instead she’d found in us a group of people who wanted to help her kill her difficult circumstances rather than kill her child (and possibly remain in her detrimental circumstances with a bad-news man). She’d been unable to leave the abusive relationship for herself, but once I helped her realize that she was a mother and now had a duty to her child as well as to herself, she found the courage to leave the abuser and to choose life for her child.


Over the past 7 months I’ve stayed in regular contact with the young woman, doing what I could to ensure she was in a safe place and had access to the support and resources she needed.   Yesterday morning I awoke to a delightful text message with a picture of baby Noah, born March 4, 2015.



From now on, when people tell me that public displays of abortion victims accomplish nothing, or that we should keep our signs out of the public square, I will show them this picture of Noah –  a bundle of beauty who had been days away from becoming dismembered medical waste when his mother saw images of abortion victims and allowed him to keep living.

And when I’m tempted to stay home from pro-life activism because I don’t think I’m at my physical and mental best, I will recall that August day and realize that the pictures speak for themselves –  if we simply dare stand up and use them.  We don’t need to always enjoy public pro-life activism, but for the sake of all the Noah’s and their mothers out there, we do need to do it!”