Woman Arrested After Trying to Run Over Pro-Lifers Praying at Abortion Clinic, Says “They’re Losers”

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Mar 6, 2015   |   5:15PM   |   Charlotte, NC

In North Carolina, a 23-year-old woman is in jail and facing criminal charges after trying to run over a group of pro-lifers ministering at an abortion facility. The incident occurred on March 2nd at A Preferred Women’s Health in Charlotte. According to the Christian News Network, members of the pro-life group Cities4Life were there along with the Monroe HELP Center’s mobile ultrasound unit offering free ultrasounds and pregnancy assistance.

The woman, Lacey Deese, arrived at the abortion facility with a friend and Patrick Courtney, a full-time missionary, spoke to her when she arrived. Patrick said, “She kind of made a gesture and she said that we were losers and other [not so] nice words, and I just told her that I loved her and cared about her.”

deesecreditHowever, things quickly took a turn for the worse when Deese starting circling the facility and trying to run over-pro-lifers. A pro-life nurse, Courtney Parks, started filming Deese with her cellphone, and she and others called the police.

Parks said, “We have pictures of tire tracks in the mud and grass where she came all the way up on the sidewalk. Literally, if they hadn’t dove out of the way, she would have mowed them over. It was one of the scariest moments I’ve ever had.”

Patrick said, “Being a firefighter, I know about all those things that could have happened. Things could have been a whole lot worse. People could have died there.” Unbelievably, at one point Patrick offered Deese a booklet but then saw that she was redirecting her car and was going to try to strike him. Thankfully, Patrick took a step back but his arm still made impact with her windshield. He said, “We know this young lady is hurting. We don’t hold any hard feelings for her. We’ve been praying for her. Our ultimate prayer is that she comes to know the Lord.”

Currently, pro-lifers visit the abortion facility every week and just last year, over 500 babies were saved from abortion because of people outside the abortion facility.

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Parks added, “We’ve had many instances where these ladies think that there is nothing in their womb but what the liberal media tells them—it’s just a clump of cells, just a blob of tissue, nothing there—and when I’m able to show them their eight-week little baby in their womb with a heartbeat, arms and legs moving around, it kind of turns a light bulb on in their head.”


She continued, “I’ve had so many women say, “That’s my baby!’ People are just so grateful for us standing for the truth and standing for the babies. … They see you care, they see you want to help them and it makes them want to choose life for their baby.”

Now Deese is in police custody and being charged with “reckless driving to endanger.”

Patrick concluded, “I’ve done a lot of spiritual warfare, and I knew it wasn’t the young lady [doing this]; it was the spirit behind her. Because I told her I loved her, my heart is that seed that Jesus planted there will grow. And if I never see the result, it’s just my prayer that Christ will come into her life.”