Family Adopts an Abandoned Newborn Baby, Their Reaction When Seeing Him the First Time is Priceless

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Mar 6, 2015   |   3:34PM   |   Washington, DC

In California, Dennis and Carita Chen had been struggling with infertility for nine years and decided to start pursing adoption. Their biggest dream was to have a child so they began searching for their baby, dealing with paperwork and proving that they were ready for a new addition in their lives. In 2011, they found their baby and named him Jacob.

In the couple’s blog, they wrote the following about their adoption journey: “There is a story involved in how we got here; how thought became desire, how desire became intent, and how intent became action. It seems like the journey will continue for the rest of our lives.

The tale of Adoption reads like part mystery, part drama, part comedy, and part redemption story. For us, it’s also a journey of Love and Loss, of Fear and most certainly Faith.


Adoption is more than a pursuit of a child. It is more than attempts to complete a family. It is more than a salve for the wounds of infertility. It is more than lofty, noble intent…more than desperate longing.

Adoption is about a loving God, pursuing and ultimately redeeming. It is, more than anything, theology…because adoption tells us something profound and beautiful about God and how He sees us.”

Ultimately, the Chen’s were blessed with Jacob because his birth mother refused abortion and gave him a chance at life. In the video below, they share more about their journey as well as their very first moments with their new son. You must watch this tearjerker and share with your friends and family!