She Was Determined to Have an Abortion, But When She Googled “Abortion,” Everything Changed

National   |   Online for Life   |   Mar 4, 2015   |   2:39PM   |   Washington, DC

When “Charla” searched the Internet for information about a local abortion clinic, Online for Life’s marketing outreach was there and encouraged her to connect with the Online for Life Call Center. Without judgment or criticism, the call agent encouraged Charla to visit one of Online for Life’s participating life-affirming pregnancy centers so she could become fully informed about her pregnancy.

When Charla walked through the doors of the center, she was determined to have an abortion. But then everything changed. The compassionate and loving staff provided Charla with one-on-one care and a fuller understanding about the life growing inside her. By the time Charla left the center, she had decided to keep her baby, and she was even excited to share the news with her family.



Throughout Charla’s pregnancy the center’s staff remained in constant contact with her, assisting her with childbirth and parenting classes, directing her toward employment opportunities, and arranging her medical insurance. But their material mercies did not stop there.

A few weeks before her delivery, the center worked together with a local church to throw Charla a baby shower that exceeded her wildest dreams.

Today, Charla is the mother of a healthy baby boy named “Luke.” With the love and support of her family and her friends at the pregnancy center, Charla has embraced her role as a mother and is eager to help others see the importance of choosing LIFE for their unborn children.


At Online for Life we believe the most powerful pro-life testimonies come directly from the mothers who visit our participating life-affirming pregnancy centers and choose LIFE. Recipients of grace and compassion, these women who were once on the verge of aborting their own children go on to become the greatest advocates for life. Like Charla, they become living testimonies that every child should be given a chance to make their mark in this world.