Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Links to Pro-Abortion Group on State’s Official Website

State   |   Maria Vitale Gallagher   |   Mar 2, 2015   |   2:02PM   |   Harrisburg, PA

The Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act states that the public policy of the Commonwealth is to encourage childbirth over abortion.

Then why does the state of Pennsylvania link to a website that promotes abortion?

If you visit the information page on the PA government website, you’ll find a tab labeled “Health and Wellness.” Clicking there will bring up a number of options, including “Women’s Health.”

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But if you click Women’s Health, you end up at the Women’s Law Project – an organization that opposes laws restricting abortion. In fact, the top item on the page’s resource list is “abortion and family planning.” Click on that, and you’ll be directed to a page that connects you with abortion facilities.

In this way, PA government has become an electronic portal to abortion.


Why doesn’t the Pennsylvania website link to a neutral site, one which disseminates information about women’s health topics such as heart disease and cervical cancer? Why, instead, does it link to a pro-abortion advocacy group?

The Governor should not use his office to promote a pro-abortion agenda. If he is truly concerned about women’s health, he will direct state workers to retool his website.