British Prime Minister David Cameron Led Effort to Defeat Ban on Sex-Selection Abortions

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 24, 2015   |   2:02PM   |   London, England

As reported yesterday, the British Parliament defeated a measure that would have banned sex-selection abortions. Now, a new report indicates Prime Minister David Cameron played a large role in defeating the common sense measure to stop abortions on girl babies simply because they’re girls.

Cameron’s odd and unscientific augment was that somehow aborting girl babies because they are female will help mother avoid certain diseases.

Meanwhile, a top official acting on Cameron’s behalf urged MPs to vote against the sex-selection abortion ban.

As the London Daily Mail reports:

The proposed ban was tabled by Tory MP Fiona Bruce but was dealt a major blow when shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper wrote to Labour MPs urging them to vote against it.
Miss Cooper said that to support the change would make ‘vulnerable women’ less likely to have ‘open and honest conversations’ with doctors and nurses.

David Cameron also said it could stop women being able to ‘avoid the certainty of genetic disease’.
But Miss Cooper claimed the move would make it impossible to terminate a child suffering from sex-specific abnormalities.

In her letter to Labour MPs, she wrote: ‘Concerns have been raised that some women are put under intense pressure by their partners, families or communities to deliver male children.’



She added: ‘Fiona Bruce’s amendment will do little to alleviate the external pressures or coercion these women face, nor eradicate prejudices, customs and traditions which are based on the idea of the inferiority of women and which may amount to pressure to seek an abortion because of the sex of a foetus.

Last night Rani Bilkhu, director of Jeena International – which campaigns against sex-selective abortions – called the vote a ‘disgrace’.


‘This is an insult to the women we work with who have suffered under the burden of sex-selective abortion and have said they want clarity in the law,’ she said.

‘To think that a few Westminster bubble MPs could scupper such an important vote mocks the very fabric of British democracy. It is a disgrace.’