Woman is Proud of Her Mother For Aborting Her Sibling, “I’m Better Off”

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Feb 23, 2015   |   7:27PM   |   Washington, DC

The Huffington Post is at it again— defending abortion-on-demand and sharing about all the “positive” ways abortion impacts women.

In 2014, the Huffington Post shared a video of a woman from Scotland named Leyla Josephine, who proudly proclaimed there is no shame in abortion. She explains that she is unapologetic about her abortion because it was the right decision for her. In fact, Josephine wanted others to understand that she is not ashamed of her abortion because her daughter’s death protected her right to choose.

How does that work exactly? Her innocent, defenseless daughter was torn apart by an abortionist and she chalks it off as a reasonable choice because she would die for her daughter’s right to an abortion.

Last year the Huffington Post also promoted abortion by publishing an excerpt of Katha Pollitt’s new book, “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights.”

baby50The excerpt is titled “The Abortion Conversation We Need to Have” and starts with Pollitt”s statement that abortion “is a common, even normal, event in the reproductive lives of women.” Then Pollitt attempts to convince her readers that abortion can be moral. She writes, “We need to see abortion as an urgent practical decision that is just as moral as the decision to have a child — indeed, sometimes more moral.”

Now in the article, “I Owe My Life to my Mother’s Abortion,” the Huffington Post shares a daughter’s support of her mother’s abortion. The author, who writes anonymously, explains that she was in college when she first found out that her mother had an abortion; and that if it weren’t for that abortion she wouldn’t be here today.



Here’s more:

When my mom was 17, it was just two years after the passage of Roe V. Wade. What if she hadn’t been able to safely abort? With a baby on her hip in high school, would she have gone on to become the first in our family to go to college? Would she have opened her own business? Would she have become strong, independent, competitive, impatient, loopy after a couple glasses of wine?

Would she have become the woman my mother is? And what would have happened with the child she did have? Would they still, well into adulthood, call her first after a car accident? Would they spend Saturday nights on the couch together, watching bad reality TV and nursing a bottle of Charles Shaw until 1 am? Would this child and my mother fight so terribly and cry so much that eventually, the two of them would just end up in a fit of hysterical laughter?


Would this other child love my mother as much as I do?

I should note here that I am unequivocally, adamantly pro-choice. But I’ve never reacted with outrage at people who are anti-abortion. Unlike those who, say, oppose gay marriage, I don’t think anti-abortion advocates are acting from a place of closed-minded hate. I think that, in addition to ignorance on women’s rights, they are looking at abortion as a simple moral choice: for life or against it.

But my mother’s choice, and the choice of those like her, complicates this simple paradigm. But as complicated as it is, it has, in many ways, deepened my relationship and understanding of her.

Here’s where she’s wrong— there are many things in life that are complicated and that aren’t black and white but abortion isn’t one of them. We can’t speculate on what her mother’s life would have been like if she would have kept her baby; however, we can definitively say that her mother took a life and that is always, 100% of the time, the wrong choice.