Her Father Repeatedly Raped Her, What He Did to Her When She Became Pregnant Was Even Worse

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 23, 2015   |   5:07PM   |   Washington, DC

LifeNews has chronicled for years how abortion is often used in the most vulgar of ways against women who are victimized by rape. Abortion clinics often look the other way and rake in the cash from abortions done on young women who are victims of sexual assault — often never reporting the rape to authorities or delaying the reports and making police efforts to prosecute the rapist more difficult.

A new case out of England shows how abortion is the rapist’s best friends — used to cover their tracks and hide the clearest evidence of the rape, a baby.

Hollie Davey has seen the worst of the worst and was sexual abused by her father repeatedly from the age of 13. She became pregnant twice and, the first time, her father did an at-home abortion on her that was shocking and horrific for both Davey and her baby.

The second time Davey became pregnant, she kept her baby, saying that the child was hers even though the baby was conceived in less than ideal circumstances.

A new London Daily Mail article profiles the rape and abortion and reports that Davey is now trying to put her life back together. Sadly, abortion and rape often go hand in hand.

A woman who was abused by her father and went on to have his baby has revealed she is starting to rebuild her life after her attacker was jailed.

Hollie Davey, 26, from Essex, was abused, molested and raped as a young girl by Paul Davey falling pregnant with his child twice – the first she lost after he carried out a home abortion.

She tracked him down at the age of 13 after being raised by an adoptive family. Speaking for the first time about her ordeal since her father was jailed, Miss Davey said she will ‘never get over’ what he did to her after he stole her childhood away from her.


Before long, Davey was visiting his daughter’s room every night to molest her. She said: ‘He would call me his “special girl” and I would lay in bed limp, trying to pretend it wasn’t happening.’

Davey continued to rape his daughter for months to come and eventually she fell pregnant. Desperate to end it, he forced her to down a bottle of gin then performed a home abortion with a knitting needle.

Miss Davey said: ‘I remember blood running down my legs and it must have panicked my dad because he took me to hospital ‘I wanted to scream at the nurses, “My dad did this to me,” but I was petrified of the consequences.



‘But if I thought this was going to scare him in to stopping him raping me, I was wrong.’

At 15, Miss Davey fell pregnant a second time, but on this occasion she hid it from her father.

She said: ‘Even though the baby had been created by a monster, it was my baby.’

Then one night when her dad was asleep, Miss Davey noticed that the front door was unlocked and made a break for freedom.

She said: ‘I realised, I was finally free.’